Uofu Manafu's main fleet is ready to attack Earth at any time. To stop that you have to turn over Ran Saotome.
~ Brighton trying to persuade the JSDF to give him Ran.

Brighton is an emissary of the Warp Monarch and a major antagonist in Chouseishin Gransazer. He was sent by Belzeus to find and kill the Communicator to prevent the truth about humanity from coming out in order to ensure the continuation of the Earth invasion.


Brighton was sent to Earth during a three-day ceasefire period. He requested that the JSDF to let him investigate the Gransazers to find out which one was the Bosquito. Upon finding Ran as the Communicator he claims that she has Bosquito DNA to trick them into handing her over. He later reports to Belzeus that their plan is running smoothly. Belzeus orders him to kill Ran before her power to communicate with the Warp Monarch's will can awaken. Brighton then calls upon Algol and sends him to kill Ran.

However, Ran later agrees to let Brighton take her away, believing that it will allow the Earth to be saved. Upon seeing Algol, Ran realizes that he and Brighton were working together and states that they tricked her. Brighton then states that she wasn't deceived, and informs her that her death was one of the conditions. Algol then prepares to kill her but Sazer Tawlon and Sazer Tragos then appear and attack him. Algol manages to defeat both of them, prompting Ran to attempt to transform to save her friends. However, Brighton tells her that, while she may save her friends now, Earth will be destroyed. Convinced, Ran throws herself in front of her friends and tells Algol to kill her. 

Tenma then appears and knocks Ran out of the way of Algol's attack. He tells Gou and Naoto to take Ran away before transforming into Tarious to fight Algol. Logia then appears and tells Brighton that he'll be sending his head to Belzeus. Realizing they can't win, Brighton and Algol teleport away.

Brighton later reveals his true colors to Misonogi and Okita after Troius attacks Tokyo before teleporting away. After the Gransazers destroy Algol, Brighton pretends to beg for his life in order to lower Tarious's guard and kill him, but he is shot and killed by Logia.


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