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High General Abbendis in New Hearthglen.

Now I'll show you the REAL power of the Onslaught!
~ Brigitte Abbendis

As one of the most famous antagonists in World of WarcraftBrigitte Abbendis is well-known among many fans. She is one of the formost member of Scarlet Crusade, and one of its creators. She is perhaps the most fervent of all the leaders of the Crusade.


Early life

Brigitte Abbendis is the daughter of the previous High General Abbendis, an elderly man who sought to destroy all undead, most likely because he was somehow hated Lich King and the army of the Scourge. Very little known about Brigitte' early life except that.

Abbendis as a Knight of the Silver Hand, right before her corruption.

Later, Brigitte becamed one of the members of the Silver Hand present when Commander Alexandros Mograine revealed his plan to forge the weapon that would become known as Ashbringer, and participated in the act of cleansing the sword's crystal. She seemed to accompany Tirion Fordring and Isillien at that meeting in Old Hillsbrad. She, her father High General Abbendis, Grand Inquisitor Isillien, Saidan Dathrohan, Taelan Fordring, and Renault Mograine formed the Crusade.

Years later, High General Abbendis passed that mission against the undead onto his daughter before he died at the hands of the undead. Brigitte was promoted to High General after the death of her father.After her ascension, Brigitte shows the hidden cruelty inside her nature. She hates the undead with a fanatical loathing and thinks nothing of sacrificing her troops in an effort to eradicate the walking dead, possibly influenced by her father's death. She presumably mourned her father's death and sworn revenge by killing undead from the Scourge.

Brigitte is a boss in the New Heathlegen, but later killed by heroes once and for all. After her death, Admiral Barean Westwind walks over to Abbendis's corpse and kneels, mourning her death.

World of Warcraft Comic

In the comic, her father is present at this meeting, but she is not. Tirion is also not present in the comic.

Her love one and her family

  • Arcanist Doan has a crush on her. This is evidenced by his silver coin.
  • She has a little known daughter, Lynnia Abbendis, who she left behind in the Eastern Plaguelands when she went to Northrend to found New Hearthglen. Unfortunately, Lynnia appears to have become a victim of the Plague of Undeath and likely does not remember her mother.