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Just pretend it's a video game. Like you're in a fucking movie.
~ Brit pressuring Faith into committing a robbery

Brit is a protagonist villain who appears in the 2012 film "Spring Breakers". Brit is one of the four girls who go on spring break and end up corrupted by drug lord Alien. She was portrayed by Ashley Benson, who also portrayed Lady Lisa in Pixels.

After she and Candy form a relationship with Alien, they begin helping him with his various criminal activities, mainly robbery. Eventually they help him get revenge on Big Arch and after he ends up getting shot to death, they go after Big Arch on their on, killing most of his house guests and him. They steal his car and flee town.

Type of Villain

While Brit is one of the four main protagonists, many of her actions in the film can be seen as downright villainous. Examples include:

  • Holding a restaurant at gun point and robbing them.
  • Doing drugs.
  • Robbing various spring breakers.
  • Shooting various people at Big Arch's and stealing his Lamborghini.


  • She and Candy seem to reform in the end, after all they have been through.
  • Brit displays traits of sadism, as she is shown to take pleasure in holding the people at gunpoint and robbing them, and has even joked about it.
  • It can be argued that Brit, Candy and Cotty (to an extent) are the true main antagonists themselves, being the cause of their own problems throughout the film.
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