The British Boy is a minor antagonist from the Canadian cartoon A Bunch of Munsch, being the main antagonist from the episode "The Boy in the Drawer".


The British Boy a mysterious gnome-like creature that resembles a 1930s-looking bully. He is first seen hanging out in Shelly's sock drawer when she first gets home from school, introduces himself, and causes havoc throughout her house when she is gone or not paying attention to him.

It is unknown what his backstory is, why he is in her house, why he is even trying to terrorize her in the first place, or where he came from at all.

Aside from his destructive behaviors, he knows how to play the harmonica, and seems to play it all the time when he is alone or bored, and often plays, "I'm So Happy". Which is his theme tune that he eventually sings in the middle of the episode.

He does things such as reading in her sock drawer, growing giant tomatoes underneath her bed covers in order to put them on toast, painting all of the windows black to make it look like as if it was dark out early, attacking her pet cat Whiskers by making him fall down the stairs, and even taking a nice and warm bubble bath in her bread drawer. He seems to disappear when her parents are in the room, and every time she tries to tell them about it, they dismiss her as just her freaking out, and tell her to clean up any of the messes he has caused in reality.

Eventually, while he is taking a bath in her bread drawer with the hot water on, she puts on a false nice gesture by asking him if he is enjoying his bath, and he responds that he would enjoy it better if she gave him some privacy, and then she turns on the cold water in order to make him come out by giving him "privacy". By the time he does from this since it worked, her parents finally notice him, and they all realize that he gets bigger when they don't pay attention to him, and he gets smaller when they do. They do this long enough to the point where he eventually disappears. As he goes away, he swears his return.

Shelly then cleans up his mess herself that he had made the whole time to ensure he never comes back by unplugging the drain where all of the water that he leaked onto the floor was. He is then never seen or heard from again after this. Indicating he either ceased to exist, or he was just merely a figment of her imagination the entire time.


The British Boy is a gnome that looks like a old-styled little boy with a brown floppy newspaper hat, red hair, a fang on the left side of his mouth, a green sweatshirt, blue pants, and brown shoes. He is the only character in the show with sclera in his eyes, instead of the usual dotted eyes. Making him more unique to the series.


The British Boy is very destructive, mischievous, and extremely selfish at the same time. He likes to cause a bunch of messes everywhere he goes, and does things that would otherwise make messes out of things.


  • There is a possible chance he was just a figment of Shelly's imagination, and could've been a metaphor to an anxiety attack Shelly was having due to her parent's disbelieving her and telling her to clean up any of the messes he made.
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