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Dirty South, bitch!
~ British Lynn
You taste like Gummi Bears.
~ British Lynn to Mona Chapgne

British Lynn (real name: Lynn) is a woman who is Freeman's lover and the minor antagonist in the 2014 comedy-drama film Home Sweet Hell.

She was portrayed by Catherine Ashton.


While Mona is trying to hide body parts in the freezer, Freeman comes home with his girlfriend British Lynn. Mona kills Freeman, stabs and kills a shocked British Lynn who earlier smelled the Chanel cologne on Mona and licked her face seductively on the account of the presumed thought that Mona was Freeman's "surprise" for her (though his real surprise was a goldplated cock ring for her to use on her).

Mona shortly calls the police to report a disturbance at the house. Before dying, Freeman calls Murphy and tells him what happened. Murphy and Benji arrive and find Freeman and his girlfriend dead. Murphy also discovers dismembered body parts of Dusty in the freezer and suspects the set up.

Soon the police arrive and find Murphy and Benji at the crime scene. The police shoot Benji, while Murphy escapes. The police decide that Murphy and Benji were responsible for the murders.


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