Brittany Andrews is the main villianess of "Attack of the 50 ft cheerleader". She is the head cheerleader at Iron Coast University (ICU) with a mean attitude and an extreme jealousy for tall women.

She is played by Olivia Alexander.

Attack of the 50 ft Cheerleader

In the beginning Brittany is seen as a harsh mean girl on the cheer squad who lashes out on girls who try out who are either prettier than her or the movies protagonist Cassie Stratford who are less attractive and uncoordinated. Later in the movie her jealosy rises towards Cassie when she takes an experimental compound that increases her beauty to get on the cheer squad and gets the attention of the football player Brandon. Later on a scared Brandon tells her that Cassie has started growing and goes to the lab to try to get some herself. She is accidently injected with twice the amount as Cassie and grows into a even bigger giantess. Even more cranky as a result of the formula, and growing she attends the football game which causes the stadium to shake (without any concern). Cassie arrives to stop her and a fight assures. During the fight  she is injected with the antidote and shrinks, although there was a over dose and is shrunk smaller than before. She screams in anger at the sky while she is mocked by the other cheerleaders as the movie ends.

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