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Bro Strider is a minor antagonist in the webcomic, Homestuck. He serves as Dave Strider's adopted brother and genetic father.


Early Life and Introduction

Not much is known about  Bro's early life other than being born through ectobiology and also provided half of the DNA of both Dave and Rose, making them his genetic children. He was also shown to waited for Dave's meteor arrival at Dave's record ship holding a small pair of "outrageously awesome shades"

At the begining of Homestuck, Bro is shown to earn his income by running many "ironic" websites, including a paysite for implied pornographic material involving puppets which he earns thousands of dollars a month from.

Later when Dave looks for his Sburb copy to play, Bro wrote him a note telling him to meet him at the apartment rooftop for Dave to fight for the Sburb copy

In his Strife, he blatantly outmatches Dave in  both rounds 1 and 2  and  manages to not only dodge but counter most, if not all, of Dave's attacks, appearing to never get hit once while landing almost all of his attacks.Bro also shows a higher degree of speed , as he is able to not only predict but counter all of Dave's attacks ahead of time at one point, making it appear that he is fighting when it's really just an after-image that Dave battles while Bro waits on the sidelines.

Post-fight and entrance into medium

Bro helps Dave into the Medium by cutting open the meteor that was to hit Dave's apartment in half, allowing Dave's Cruxite egg to hatch, making he and Bro enter the Medium.

After Bro enters, he is seen taking on and presumably wrecking the shit of a massive tentacled underling. He later battles with Jack Noir after Jack slaughters The Armies of Light and Darkness and destroys the chain that attaches Prospit to its moon. They battle upon the giant Beat Mesa, and they seem almost matched in power. Dirk plunges his sword into the platform, causing it to crack. It is later revealed that he most likely attempted to initiate the scratch.

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