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"Come to me metal bro!"
~ Mr. L's call that summons the original version of Brobot.
"Brobot launch!"
~ Mr. L's command to summon Brobot L-type.
"This is my dear metal bro! He and I share a special bond, you know! Yes, and his name is... Brobot!"
~ Mr. L introduces the Brobot.

Brobot is the name of the robot that Mr. L controls in an attempt to kill the heroes, and the main boss for Chapters 4 and 6 of Super Paper Mario.


Mr. L built it himself as a kind of metal version of Mario since he still longs for a brother It made its first appearance in Chapter 4 after one of the Four Heroes beats him and he summons it through the dimensional barrier. The Brobot is depicted as a hovering, head-shaped robot with an intentional resemblence to Luigi/Mr. L. It then somehow breaks through the dimension and takes them into space where it tries to annihilate Squirps and the heroes but was defeated and blown apart which forced Mr. L to retreat. After another meeting with Count Bleck and his minions, Mr. L took a chapter off to rebuild Brobot into Brobot L-type.

Later on, after The Void consumed Sammer's Kingdom, specifically in 6-1 (AKA 6-1...again?), Mr. L appeared once more and (following another defeat in combat) summoned Brobot L-type and went into battle once again. However, likely because he rushed the reconstruction to go back into battle, he left a massive design flaw in his robot in that it's feet left it heavily vulnerable to the Pixl Boomer. Exploiting that weakness, Mario took out Brobot and it exploded once and for all.

Since Mr. L was shortly thereafter "killed" by Dimentio and returned to being Luigi (with the only other time he became Mr. L resulting in Super Dimentio), no more Brobots can ever be produced.

Powers and abilities

Brobot Mrk. 1

  • Durability-Brobot  took multiple hits from Squirps' lasers and missiles without even showing any physical damage until exploding. Bowser's flame breath does almost no damage whatsoever as it's shielded against that.
  • Space Flight-Brobot can fly using the massive jet thruster underneath it.
  • Dimension Breaking-Both versions of Brobot can be seen tearing through the dimensional background to arrive and the original version broke through dimensions for the space battle.
  • Eye Lasers-Brobot can fire green lasers from it's eyes which, although they don't do much damage, fire in continuous volleys all over the screen which are hard to dodge in 2D so it is recommended to dodge them in 3D.
    • Laser Grid-Brobot Mrk 1's most dangerous attack where it charges it's eyes up with green energy and fires a continuous green energy beam which proves very dangerous since Brobot moves up and down the screen which makes it very hard to avoid in both 3D and 2D. The best strategy is stay at the top or bottom or the screen (maintaining the Squirps' laser fire) and switch to 3D to avoid it when it gets too close as it will eventually stop).
  • Missiles-Brobot can fire large green missiles out of it's nose.
  • Vacuum Breath-Brobot will occasionally open it's "mouth" and unleash a whirldwind of purple air which the player must make the chosen hero fly away from otherwise they will be sucked in and take heavy damage.
  • Ram Attack-After taking away half of it's health, Brobot will fly towards the player and attempt to ram them which the player must avoid by flying to either the top or bottom of the screen until it moves back.

Brobot L-type

  • Durability-Brobot had multiple blasts from Boomer strike it without any damage being done. However, it's boots are it's weakspot and it will go down when they take enough damage.
  • Flight-Like it's predecessor, Brobot L-type can fly but this version (rather than a rocket thruster) has jets in it's boots instead.
  • Ground Slam-Brobot L-type can cancel out it's jet thrusters and slam down on the ground, creating a mini shockwave that will damage the player even if it didn't land directly on them.
  • Eye Lasers-Like it's predecessor, Brobot can fire green lasers out of it's eyes but these lasers are both constant for a time and only ever fired in long bursts, not short volleys as in the space battle.
  • Vacuum Breath-Brobot L-type retains the original's vacuum breath but the whirlwind is now coloured blue, is harder to escape, and does more damage should the hero be sucked in. This can however be stopped if Boomer explodes before he can suck in the player.
  • Rocket Fist-Now possessing arms unlike the original, Brobot L-type can fire forth it's fists to strike the player if they are jumping. This attack is harmless if you remain on the ground.
  • Moustache Boomerang-Brobot L-type can fire forth it's moustache as a razor sharp boomerang to cut into it's opponents.


  • Intentionally or otherwise, both versions of Brobot have similar moves to those used in other Mario games. Missiles are an odd one out but it's ram attack is similar to the one Bowser used in Super Mario World, the Ground Pound is a recurring move amongst Mario and Luigi as well as being used by Bowser in Super Mario Bros. 3, the Vacuum Breath is similar to the one used by Bowletta in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga two years before, and the lasers are similar to Cackletta's Soul's primary attack from the same game.
  • The first battle with Brobot has an HP of 255, Attack of 4, and Defense of 3 and grants 4000 points upon defeat. Brobot L-type has 64 HP, an Attack of 5, and a Defence of 4 and grants 6000 points upon defeat.
  • Despite having a massive green antenna on the left side of it's head, it's purpose is unknown.
    • It could however potentioally be what picks up on Mr. L's summoning calls.
  • Mr. L calls the Brobot his "metal bro", but calls Brobot L-type his "metal friend".
  • Brobot has the most HP of any boss in the entire game although this is due to the fact that the player battles it in space with Squirp's laser, it is much easier and quicker than other bosses.
  • The fact that Mr. L was able to create a massive robot with an arsenal of weapons implies some sort of time distortion between The Void and Chapter 4-4 since the in-game time is implied to be the same day that he was kidnapped plus however long it took to capture him.


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