I serve the Founders in all things.
~ Broca, to the Female Changeling.

Broca was a Cardassian villain introduced in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode The Dogs of War.

He was portrayed by Mel Johnson, Jr..


By 2375 Broca had risen to the rank of Gul in the Cardassian military. After Legate Damar's rebellion against the Dominion had been decimated Weyoun selected Broca to be the next leader of the Cardassian Union. Unlike Damar and Dukat before him, who had been strong-willed leaders, Broca was little more than a weak willed puppet who obeyed Weyoun and the Female Changeling pretty much without question.

When the Cardassian population turned against the Dominion and sabotaged every one of their facilities on Cardassia, Broca informed the Female Changeling that they had captured civilians. Learning that the populace was rising up against them, the Female Changeling strangled Broca almost to death. When Weyoun suggested punishing the civilians for their insurrection, Broca hastily agreed to it, and the Dominion leveled Lakarian City to punish the civilians. This resulted in the deaths of over two million Cardassians.

When the Cardassian fleet learned of this, they decided that they had enough, and turned against the Jem'Hadar fleet at a crucial moment in the battle. Broca begged to be allowed to talk to the Cardassian people, but the Female Changeling and Weyoun did not listen to him, and instead ordered Broca's execution. Broca and his aides were taken outside, where the Jem'Hadar promptly killed them. This, however, gave Damar's forces the opening they needed to penetrate Dominion headquarters, and capture the Female Founder.