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Ah, Broccoli Guy's lovin' this Skylanders Academy. I mean you have your own Skeleton Band, you've got a Rumble Club, you've got a guy who just sells hats. I mean is this the life or what?
~ Broccoli Guy

Broccoli Guy is one of the playable villain characters in Skylanders: Trap Team. He's more a villain for support, as he can place down magic patches that will heal the present Skylander when they switch back in. Broccoli Guy would later appear in future Skylanders games, though with less villainous roles.


Broccoli Guy has the ability to heal allies using his magic. He can also cast a single spell to serve more offensive purposes, but for the most part, he's more for support.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Broccoli Guy is one of three villains you can find and battle in the Chompy Mountain level. Upon finding him, he'll claim he was framed before the battle against him begins. Upon defeat, Broccoli Guy is sent back to Cloudcracker Prison or becomes playable via a Life Trap.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Broccoli Guy appears as a non-playable character in the game, who serves as one of the hosts for Troll Radio and the arena alongside Chill Bill.

Skylanders: Academy

Broccoli Guy is a recurring villain in the Netflix original series, Skylanders: Academy, appearing as a member of the Doom Raiders. He first appears in the fifth episode, "The Hole Truth", as an inmate at Cloudcracker Prison alongside his fellow Doom Raiders. He tricks the Skylanders into sending him and his team to the Hole, where he watches by as his allies combine their powers to create a wormhole and escape alongside them.


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