The Broccoloids, also known as the Broccoloid Empire, are adversaries of the heroic Powerpuff Girls and main antagonists of The Powerpuff Girls episode "Beat Your Greens". They are an evil alien culture made of broccoli who intend to completely dominate the universe one planet at a time.


The Broccoloids have arrived on planet Earth and tried to conquer its inhabitants by completely controlling their minds. To do this, they use a mind control device and plant alien-control spores with broccoli on the ground, causing the Professor and all grown-ups in Townsville to fall to the ground, but none of the children (especially the Powerpuff Girls) are affected because their dislike of broccoli causes them not to eat it.

Eventually, Blossom finds out what's wrong with the broccoli. The Powerpuff Girls ate on some of the Broccoloids and got ove their fear during the invasion. They soon gathered all the children of Townsville who joined in to save their parents and fought back against the invaders. The Broccoloid Emperor who was among his kind while on his alien carrot steed, was the last one left before he met his demise at the hands of the Powerpuff Girls who ate him and destroyed his sceptre which signals empowers the mind-control process.



  • The Broccoloids appeared in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion within both Chowder's and The Powerpuff Girls' world as enermies.
  • The episode "Beat Your Greens" stands out among most Powerpuff Girls episodes because it embodies a Broken Aesop. The message seems to be "Eat your greens", yet eating broccoli is what allowed the Broccoloids to enslave the adults. The Powerpuff Girls, along with all the other broccoli-hating children, fight back by overcoming their aversions and eating the Broccoloids, thus embracing what their parents told them despite said parental advice exploding in their faces.
  • The Broccoloids could be allies with the Pickloids.
  • The Broccoloids could be a clear parody of the martians of Mars Attack!


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