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I've said it a thousand times' before--WE NEED A REVOLUTION! A complete uprising by the people to overthrow these pansy-assed dictators who so easily play with all of our lives! It's them that are driving us to these insane acts of violence, that are stoking the fires so insanity in otherwise sane individuals! This is why we must protect ALL of our gun laws!... Because, if our elected leaders won't protect us, then we must protect ourselves... The appearance of the costumed man Al Simmons should now be seen as prophetic! He told us not to trust our leaders... that they will do anything to save their own careers and lifestyles!... that they will LIE!... that they will not give us the proper safety all of us need to protect our children. Well, when they start to compromise MY child's future they are simply asking for WAR!!... FOR A REVOLUTION!!!
~ Brock Fennel

Brock Fennel is a supporting antagonist in the Spawn comics he is one of the newscasters and is revealed to be a demon in disguise. He first appears in issue #1.


Brock Fennel first appears in the first issue of the series alongside the other newscaster reporting about daily events. Brock and the other newscaster would appear to usually see the events of Spawn unfold and discuss unusual activities. The newscaster wasn't seen until the 120 issues later and would still report to the news during the Jim Downing era.

After Al Simmons returns to be Spawn again Brock was attacked revealed to have been a demon all along and Al forced him to tell him where the gate of hell is. After that Brock would continue to report to the news and later on Al meets up with him again when asking who killed Wanda and tells him to go to Nebraska.

After that it was shown that Brock was working under the Violator and would later go on to interview with Al Simmons who revealed himself to be Spawn thought the world. He would continue to hide the fact that he was a demon and tries to convince the people that nothing paranormal is happening.

In Other Media

Brock appears in a cameo in the Spawn movie alongside the other two newscasters and in the 2005 manga series written and drawn by Juzo Tokoro, Spawn: Shadows of Spawn, an adaptation of Todd McFarlane's comic series, appearing in the 11th chapter of the 3rd volume.



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