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Ratbag: You call this a duel?
Brogg: No, I call this loosing a duel you glob!
~ Brogg to Ratbag.
These scum are no better than tarks like you...and I will show everyone here how low that is!
~ Brogg encountering Talion.

Brogg the Twin is a minor yet posthumous antagonist in the video game Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor. He is the bodyguard and twin brother of the Warchief Mogg the Other Twin.

He was voiced by Nolan North who also voiced Black Hand of Sauron and Zog the Eternal in the same series.


After Talion decides to help Ratbag because he needs an Uruks help to find and kill the Warchiefs. Talion helps him kill Goroth then Ratbag tells Goroth's guards that he has killed their captain. They don't believe him and decide to go see for themselves. After Ratbag tells them to take Goroth body to his tent so he can make a trophy from his corpse he tells them he is going to meet an old friend at the crossroads. After finally getting his revenge on Goroth Ratbag decides to go after old friend who has also humiliated Brogg.

Before meeting Talion Ratbag wants to become captain then eventually Warchief to get even and boss around all the other Uruks who have picked on him. Two of Ratbag's old friends are Goroth and Brogg Uruks that Ratbag has had rivalries with for years.

Brogg comes into conflict with Talion after he challenges Ratbag to a duel. However, Brogg simply captures Ratbag and plans to execute him. Brogg executes an orc when Ratbag questions if the situation was a duel at all. Brogg considers Ratbag’s execution “loosing a duel”. Ratbag charges at Brogg angry at the idea that the Warchiefs bodyguard in to execute him instead of duel him. But one of Brogg's berserkers stands in Ratbags way then Ratbag reluctantly kneels on the ground ready to be executed.

Talion and Celebrimbor, watching in the distance, surmise that they need Ratbag alive and must hurry to save him. Knowing that they need Ratbag alive Talion mentions that it's almost tempting to let Brogg kill Ratbag but he can't since they need him. Celebrimbor tells Talion that they should keep Brogg alive long enough to interrogate. Talion kills the archers and then attacks Brogg and his men.

Once broken and alone, Brogg is interrogated for information on the local warchief Mogg the Other Twin. Brogg neck is then broken by Talion after the information is taken. In the end, Ratbag takes Brogg’s place as bodyguard and try to backstab the Warchief.

After Ratbag takes Brogg's place the Warchiefs bodyguard word of his death spreads has and several Uruks don't believe the story that Ratbag killed him. Even after Brogg's death Uruks still talk about how strong and tough he was. Brogg was very well known again the other Uruks so the story of his death at the hands of Ratbag rises some suspicion.


Brogg is a tough, strong willed, and loyal bodyguard to his twin brother, Mogg the Other Twin. He is a strategic thinker. He enjoys killing. For all of that, Brogg is an angry orc who shows little recourse or even emotion.




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