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Those kits were weak. They would have been no use to ShadowClan. If I hadn't killed them, some other warrior would have.
~ Brokenstar admitting to his crimes in "Into the Wild"
I'm going to shred you till there's nothing left to join StarClan.
~ Brokenstar threatening Firestar after killing Ferncloud - also his last words.

Brokenstar is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Mapleshade) of Erin Hunter's Warriors book series.

He is Shadowclan's former leader and one of the leaders of The Place of No Stars, prior to his final death. Born to Yellowfang, Shadowclan's, later Thunderclan's former medicine cat in a forbidden relationship, he was the last surviving kit of her litter. When he was alive, he was known for his brutality and conspired with Tigerclaw, before being poisoned by Yellowfang, who revealed her true indentity to him, at last.

After his death he went to the Dark Forest, where he served as one of the leaders of the wicked spirits, planning on attacking the living cats by using some of their clan warriors, whom they were training for their goal. During The Great Battle he led his patrol to attack on Thunderclan's camp, where he personally raided nursery and killed Ferncloud, one of the queens protecting it. Moments after that he faced Firestar before being killed by his mother, Yellowfang a second time, fading away forever.


Brokenstar serves as the central antagonist of "The Prophecies Begin", the main antagonist of the super edition "Yellowfang's Secret" and graphic novel "Exile from ShadowClan", a mentioned antagonist in the super edition "Bluestar's Prophecy", "The New Prophecy" arc and "The Broken Code", one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside Mapleshade and Thistleclaw) of the "Omen of the Stars", a posthumous antagonist in the novella "Dovewing's Silence" and super edition "Bramblestar's Storm" and a flashback antagonist in the novella "Blackfoot's Reckoning".


Yellowfang's Secret

Yellowfang, a devoted ShadowClan medicine cat, gives birth to three kittens, despite it being against the rules of being a medicine cat to do so. One of her two daughters died very shortly after birth and the other one was stillborn. However, one kitten did survive. A genetic problem causes her one remaining kit to have an upward bend in his tail, making it look similar to a broken branch. Yellowfang calls him Brokenkit, not because of his tail, but because of her sorrow over her deceased daughters.

He is then given to nursing to the Clan's sole queen, Lizardstripe, who proceeds to abuse him emotionally and physically, making sure that he knows that he's unwanted by her. Yellowfang resumes her medicine cat's duties, resigning from Brokenkit as her son, despite continually thinking about him and about his safety under Lizardstripe. Eventually, the queen's kits are allowed to go outside the nursery for the first time since their birth, Brokenkit included. He receives praise from his Clanmates, but to Yellowfang's observation, none of the praises seem warm or supportive and majority of the Clan begins to wonder who Brokenkit's real mother is. One day, Lizardstripe's kits begin to mock and laugh at Brokenkit due to his unknown heritage, which is stopped when Yellowfang intervenes, taking him on a small walk. He reveals to her that his foster mother hates him, which the medicine cat doesn't believe at first, but changes her mind when her son adds that he overheard Lizardstripe admitting that to one of the warriors. Yellowfang takes him with her to help her in medicine cat duties, during which both begin to bond, but that is suddenly interrupted when Brokenkit scoffs upon the idea of learning herbs, an idea which Yellowfang suggested.

Another day he steals some moss from the medicine den, which causes him to get shouted at by Sagewhisker, who tells Yellowfang to punish her son, which she refrains from. He adds that the medicine cats can go and collect some more of it, before his littermates return, resuming their mockery. Brokenkit then hits Deerkit in the face, before turning to Yellowfang, whom he proceeds to blame for all that happened, before running off. Afterwards, he avoids entering the medicine den in the following days, while starting to train with his biological father, Raggedpelt. Some moons later, Brokenkit, now Brokenpaw, is apprenticed to Nightpelt, towards whom he is disdained, due to his mentor's health problems. He also continually disobeys him and trains with his claws unsheated. During his first Gathering Brokenpaw starts a fight with two WindClan apprentices, which causes him to get reprimanded by Cedarstar, who then proceeds to take his Clan away once the Gathering ended. Some time after, he trains with the other apprentices with their claws unsheated, which results in Tanglepaw getting injured, much to Yellowfang's horror. When Raggedpelt becomes the Clan's new leader after Cedarstar's death, Brokenpaw shouts his father's leader name with joy, before boasting infront of the other apprentices. He is made warrior early by his father, despite not having passed his final assessements, receiving name Brokentail. Upon learning that Raggedstar made Cloudpelt his deputy after Foxheart's death, Brokentail is disgusted by this decision, although easens down when his father promises that he'll become his next deputy, if anything were to happen to Cloudpelt. However, the latter suddenly dies from injures sustained in a border dispute nearby WindClan, which prompts Raggedstar to make Brokentail his deputy. The resulting choice causes both of Brokentail's parents to experience visions of fighting kits, which horrify Raggedstar and make him admit his mistake in making his son the deputy.

Some time later, Brokentail rushes inside the ShadowClan camp and declares that their leader has been killed by WindClan warriors. He postpones his journey to the Moonstone on the next day, shown to be grieving for his father, despite Yellowfang's suspicion. After receiving his leader name, Brokenstar, he swears vengeance against WindClan, before making the Clan's kits apprentices, aswell as declaring that from now on, every cat hunts for themselves, cats will train only to fight and banishing the elders.

On the next Gathering, he assures other Clans that ShadowClan is stronger than ever, aswell as introducing Badgerpaw as the newest apprentice, much to the shock of the medicine cats, who claim that the kit is too small to be an apprentice. After the Gathering, Brokenstar kills Yellowfang's younger siblings and frames her for the murder, which is believed by the majority of ShadowClan, including her own mother, who disowns her. He then exiles his mother, prompting Yellowfang to promise herself that she will defeat Brokenstar, as she leaves the Clan's territory.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Brokenpaw is mentioned as a new ShadowClan apprentice at the gathering by Leopardfoot, a Thunderclan warrior. She also says that he got in a fight with two RiverClan apprentices, breaking a truce until Oakheart, a RiverClan warrior broke it up. Raggedstar, Brokenpaw's father, was said to be furious.

Exile from ShadowClan

To be added

The Prophecies Begin

Into the Wild

Brokenstar is first seen at Firepaw's first gathering. The first thing that Firepaw and Greypaw notice is that is ShadowClan apprentices are very small, which is later revealed that Brokenstar trains them at only three moons when they are supposed to be six moons old to start training, and makes them Warriors at five. When the gathering begins he says that he needs more food and water and territory for starving kits and he says that WindClan failed to understand and that he had to drive them out so that he and his clan could have their territory. RiverClan's leader, Crookedstar, says that he will share his territory with ShadowClan, but ThunderClan's leader, Bluestar, says that she will think about it. Near the end of the gathering, he mentions Yellowfang and that he exiled her and that she tried to murder kits, it is later revealed that he killed the kits, he tells the clans not to take Yellowfang in. Brokenstar later sends Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior, to kidnap Frostfur's kits. When he does, he kills Spottedleaf, the Thunderclan medicine den, and ThunderClan suspects Yellowfang of the murder because she leaves ThunderClan to go save the kits to prove her loyalty to ThunderClan. Yellowfang later raids ShadowClan with Firepaw, Greypaw, a ThunderClan patrol, and some ShadowClan elders that have been kicked out earlier. They win the battle, and drive Brokenstar and his allies out of ShadowClan.

Fire and Ice

After being driven out of Shadowclan, Brokenstar and his team of rogues decide to raid the ThunderClan camp. They attack with Fireheart being the only warrior there. Later, one of his clanmates is killed and the rest of the rogues are driven out of camp, and Yellowfang blinds him. Then, Brokenstar is taken into custody as a prisoner of ThunderClan.

Forest of Secrets

Brokenstar, now called Brokentail, is still a prisoner of Thunderclan, but he seems to get along with Tigerclaw very well, because every night, Fireheart catches them talking to each other as if they were friends. Then, the other clans find out that Brokentail is still alive, and WindClan and Shadowclan launch an attack on Thunderclan to kill Brokentail, but Thunderclan fights back, saving Brokentail's life. Later, Brokentail's old group of rogues attack the camp and Brokentail attacks the cats guarding him as Tigerclaw aids the rogues in the attack. After the skirmish is over and Tigerclaw is exiled, Yellowfang feeds him deathberries and reveals her true identity to him as he dies, much to his disbelief.

The New Prophecy

He is mentioned in "Sunset" by Tigerstar, who reveals to Darkstripe that they're in the Place of No Stars. Darkstripe scents him and attempts to call him shortly after, but Tigerstar replies that Brokenstar won't answer him, since every cat has to walk alone in this place.

Omen of the Stars

Brokenstar appears as one of the leaders of the Dark Forest cats, actively corrupting and training currently alive cats to be warriors for the Dark Forest so they can assist in their coming attack on the forest. Although unnamed, he first appears assisting Breezepelt in attacking Jayfeather, who came to protect pregnant Poppyfrost from the former. After Honeyfern from Starclan arrives to help the Thunderclan medicine cat, Breezepelt and Brokenstar flee. Later along with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost he appears in Thunderclan's nursery, observing the newborn kits of Berrynose and Poppyfrost, with malicious grins, much to Jayfeather's and Lionblaze's horror, before disappearing.

Upon returning to the Dark Forest, he watches Hawkfrost's and Breezepelt's training session while criticizing them. However he gets sneered at by Hawkfrost for his failed attempt of killing Jayfeather, which Brokenstar justifies with the fact that he didn't expect Starclan's help to come, to which Hawkfrost warns him to never underestimate his enemy. He fuels Breezepelt's hatred towards his father, Crowfeather, along with Tigerstar and Darkstripe. When Jayfeather, Spottedleaf and Yellowfang visit the Place of No Stars, he stands in their way, mocking them about letting them pass only if they will allow him to visit Starclan, to which he is denied and forbids them from going further, yet he disappears once the visitors begin to walk back. Next he is seen by Ivypaw on the Gathering of the Dark Forest spirits, sitting beneath the boulder. Suddenly he stands up and decides to test Ivypaw's skills and promises her that he has special mission for her. Once she passes her test, he orders her to kill Flametail, a wandering Starclan spirit who got lost, which Ivypaw declines, prompting him to sneer at her at first, before taunting her and doubting her loyalty to the Dark Forest. However Tigerstar appears in the last moment and assures him of the apprentice's loyalty. Some time later he introduces one of his new recruits to Hawkfrost and the trainees, whom Ivypool recognizes as her fellow clanmate, Blossomfall, much to her shock.

During Ivypool's another visit in the Dark Forest, he hosts another Gathering, informing the gathered cats of the upcoming battle and to await his signal. After the meeting, when Ivypool asks him to make her a full fledged Dark Forest warrior, he tests her by ordering her to kill Antpelt's spirit, which she does. However he doesn't inform her of the exact time of the battle, much to Ivypool's disappointment.

When the time of the battle finally comes near, he, along with the other Dark Forest leaders, informs the chosen trainees that passed their trainings, Ivypool included, to prepare, at last. Although one of the trainees, Beetlewhisker becomes horrified, having just realised the spirit cats' true intentions, wants to leave the dark place and return to his clan, but Brokenstar blocks his way, before murdering him and tossing his body aside. He then proceeds to threaten other trainees, forcing them to fight for the Dark Forest cause, whether they want it or not. During the Great Battle, he is seen attacking nursery in Thunderclan's camp, dragging Ferncloud out of it, before killing her. This action is noticed by Firestar who catches his attention. The dark brown tabby tom, watches gleefully at the helpless Thunderclan leader and threatens to shred him till there's nothing left to join Starclan. Suddenly, Yellowfang appears and bites into her son's neck, killing him, before dropping his body on the ground and leaving it to fade to nothing.


Brokenstar is a massive, scarred, dark brown tabby tom with orange eyes and tail bent in the middle like a broken branch. He also has very long, thick, matted and ragged fur, torn ears and a broad, flat face.


Brokenstar is one of the darkest villains in the Warriors series. Incredibly brutal, cruel, arrogant and sadistic, Brokenstar made it a habit of his own to murder and terrorize other cats all just for power and pleasure.

As a leader, Brokenstar was selfish and violent. He was constantly attacking other Clans in order to take their land and drive them out. He was also a cruel and terrorizing leader, making up harsh rules for his cats to live in. He did not mind murdering other cats to achieve what he wanted. He was also very aggressive and battle-hungry, as he intentionally tried to provoke a war with Windclan and later drove them out when he became leader to take their territory.

Brokenstar is probably best known for being violent. As an apprentice, he asked multiple times to change his mentor because he was not "teaching him enough battle moves" and because he was "too soft". As the deputy of his clan, Brokenstar murdered his own father (who was leader at that time), in order to become leader himself. He then begun to harshly train kits younger than 6 moons (kits become apprentices at the age of 6 moons ) strict battle moves and send them into battle. He also exiled elders of his clan and left them to fend for themselves because they were "useless" to the clan.

Brokenstar has shown to have absolutely no respect for other cats and clans, insulting any cat he sees. He has also been shown to be very callous towards his clan and other cats, only caring about himself.

Brokenstar was also a hypocrite, as he often criticized those who broke the warrior code, but almost constantly broke it himself in order to get what he wanted.



  • Raggedstar (father)
  • Yellowfang (mother)
  • Hopekit (sister)
  • Wishkit (sister)
  • Lizardstripe (foster mother)
  • Deerfoot (foster brother)
  • Tangleburr (foster sister)
  • Runningnose (foster brother)


  • Cloudpelt (indirectly)
  • Raggedstar
  • Badgerfang (indirectly)
  • Mosspaw (indirectly)
  • Swampkit (indirectly)
  • Blossomkit (indirectly)
  • Mintkit
  • Marigoldkit
  • Rosetail (indirectly)
  • Lionheart (indirectly)
  • Spottedleaf (indirectly)
  • Antpelt (spirit|indirectly)
  • Beetlewhisker
  • Ferncloud


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