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Building tomorrow.
~ The official company slogan of Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals.

Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals, also known as Bromley Marks Corporation, Bromley Marks Corp and Bromley Marks, is a powerful pharmaceutical company which is comprised entirely of vampires, and the main antagonistic faction in the 2009 sci-fi/thriller movie Daybreakers.


Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals was a company formed at some point in the early part of the 21st century on Earth. Its CEO was Charles Bromley who was diagnosed with sarcoma in the year 2008 and was dying from a terminal cancer at the time. However, the world was affected globally by the infectious bite of a species of bat which led to a plague spreading amongst mankind. Those infected became vampires who in turn spread the infection to others thus turning them into vampires as well. Despite all scientific efforts, all attempts at finding a cure had failed and the planetary population was almost entirely converted into vampires. One of those bitten was Charles Bromley who was saved from death by cancer and by his human nature, by becoming an immortal vampire. Eventually, the dominant species became the vampires and Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals became a leading corporation that dealt in the distribution of blood to the vampire populations. This led to a swift partnership with the military who were now tasked with the capture of surviving humans who were abducted and placed in the corporate headquarters where they were kept in a coma-like state and siphoned blood from their bodies.

By the year 2019, there was a growing shortage of humans with it believing that there was only 5% of the species left in the world. This lowering of resources meant in blood rationing as well as research development operations being conducted on creating substitute blood.

Known Employees


  • Staff members of Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals lived in a special suburbia that was designed for the main employers of Bromley Marks. This all-vampire suburbia is constructed by a realty agency called Bromley Marks Estates.
  • One of the divisions within Bromley Marks Corporation was the Education Division.

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