Bronze Boogie Boarder

The Bronze Boogie Boarder

The Bronze Boogie Boarder is a one-time villain from the 2016 reiteration of the Cartoon Network original series The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "In the Doghouse". He is an intergalactic criminal who has clashed with Blisstina Utonium during a crime spree.

He was voiced by Keith Ferguson.


Bliss was patrolling the Milky Way galaxy stopping intergalactic crimes, while live streaming her endeavors to her sisters back at home. The episode opened with her in the middle of a battle with The Bronze Boogie Boarder. In it, The Bronze Boogie Boarder surfed through outer space, on his superpowered boogie board, made out of bronze. As he traveled the stars, he carried with him, a giant purple amethyst, above his head as he cackled nefariously about smooth a feat it was to steal the crystal in question. He continued on his merry way, with the crystal, thinking that he had it in the bag, but just then, Bliss, who was chasing right behind him, used her telekinetic beam to grab hold of the crystal, and snagged it right out his grasp. As she did, she managed to hinder the boogie boarder off track, and send him tumbling off course, getting caught in the atmosphere of a nearby planet, and finally get him to start plummeting straight down into the planet, where he crash landed into the ground. Bliss victoriously held the crystal, of which she addressed as "The Crotaxium Crystal", in her hand and told her sisters that what they had just witness was just a day in the life of a member of The Universal Protection Bureau.


  • The Bronze Boogie Boarder is an obvious parody of The Silver Surfer.
  • Despite the fact that he is titled "The Bronze Boogie Boarder", what he rides on is clearly a surfboard.


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