Bronze Mask is the third Black Cross Army Masked Monster to go up against the Gorangers.

He is voiced by Yasushi Takeuchi.


During the initial attack of the Black Cross Army against the Japanese EAGLE bases, Bronze Mask attacked the Kyushu branch, killing everyone with Daita Ooiwa the only survivor of the attack.

Bronze Mask wears nothing but bronze armor. He bribed Daita with a bowl of curry rice in an attempt to regain an object the Gorangers stole from a Black Cross Army base. He ends up double crossing Daita, threatening to blow up a child inside a pressure sealed bomb. Bronze mask wields both a staff and a dart blower in battle. The staff shoots sparks that travel long distances. For some reason the dart blower also doubles as a flute which Bronze Mask uses to announce his presence. Apart from these weapons Bronze Mask is also capable of spontaneously creating a defensive shield on his elbow and can turn into a bronze Japanese bell that is completely impenetrable to all forms of damage (excluding the Goranger Storm attack which was used to destroy his bell armor in mid-air).

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