Brooke is Austin's crazily obsessed ex-girlfriend and a villain in the TV show Austin & Ally.

She is portrayed by Carrie Wamper.


Brooke first appears in "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff", where she goes on a date with Austin. Trish doesn't like her and calls her "Scrapbook Girl". Brooke is furious when she finds out Austin cancelled their date to throw a party at Sonic Boom and is also jealous when a European supermodel introduces herself as "Austin Moon my boyfriend", Austin immediately turns off the lights and bolts. The next day, Brooke finds Team Austin about to bungy jump off the bridge of Miami. She tries again to ask Austin why he didn't tell her he had a supermodel girlfriend, but Austin immediately jumps off the ledge to avoid her questions.

Brooke returns in "Tunes & Trials" as one of the possible choices for whom Austin wrote "Steal Your Heart". Earlier that day, Dez sees Austin give Brooke flowers in the locker room at school. However, Brooke reveals during the trial that she actually sent Austin flowers and he rejected them and gave them back to her. Brooke appears again in "Princesses & Prizes" where she and Ally compete in an auction for a date with Austion and both are jealous when a girl named Chelsea. Brooke goes to spy on Austin and Chelsea's date in the beach club and runs into Dez and Ally, who are also spying on the date. The next day, Ally crashes what she thinks is Austin's second date with Chelsea (he is actually helping her with her 9 year-old sister's birthday party in gratitude for the money Chelsea donated at the auction). Brooke shows up and attacks Ally sendin them both falling onto a table ruining the party. Brooke is extremely joyful when she learns it wasn't a date and tells Austin she'll call him later.

Brooke reappears in "Videos & Villains" where she steals Austin's moonwalk shoes before his big performance the Video Countdown Live and locks him in the practice room forcing him to write a song for her. Trish comes to Austin's rescue but accidentally gets locked in too because Brooke broke the doorknob. Dez then sneaks into the practice in a black outfit, but gets caught when he starts singing outloud. Ally finally comes in and frees her friends and takes the moonwalk shoes back from Brooke. Austin makes it to the Video Countdown Live ontime for his performance and sings a song called "Upside Down" that he wrote to all his fans (except Brooke). Brooke was last seen in "Mysteries & Meddling Kids" where she steals Ally's songbook

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