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That - that is who you are, Mindy. You may not dress like us or talk like us but when it comes to boys, we're all the same. Twilight, Channing Tatum, Union J...It's biology, bitch. Don't fight it.
~ Brooke mockingly explaining to Mindy of her sudden arousal towards Union J being natural in teen girls.

Brooke is a supporting antagonist in Kick-Ass 2. She is the ringleader of a teenage school posse, as well as Mindy Macready's classmate and high school bully/nemesis.

She was portrayed by Claudia Lee.


Brooke the ringleader of the most popular (and horrible) group/clique in school. Mindy meets her in a slumber party, and Brooke is clearly jealous of her. However, when Mindy upstages her in cheerleading tryouts, her jealousy of Mindy gets out of hand - she pulls a horrible prank on Mindy. 

The next day, Mindy gets her revenge on her by using a vomit-diarrhea inducing device/crowd disperser (simply referred to as a "sick stick") on Brooke and her friends in the school lunchroom, completely humiliating all three girls. It has later said that all three of them were sent home with "tummy aches".

Character Traits

Brooke is a typical mean girl. She is somewhat unruly and self-obsessed; she is also very conniving, unscrupulous and materialistic, so she likes to manipulate anyone into precarious situations as well as have multiple people as her followers and is known to have a temper if angered. Brooke also refers to herself as "Queen Bee" and often believes that others under her should just do as she tells them to do, normally portrayed as a nice girl towards adult figures and authority heads.

But in reality, she is really a deceptive and bitchy spoiled brat with no respect for anyone at school or life in general; she is even narcissistic enough to humiliate anyone that is better than her at things she's good at, like when Hit-Girl outdid her during cheerleader practices.


F-ck with the queen bee, and you're gonna get stung.
~ Brooke intimidating Mindy as part of her prank. long as you don't fall on your face, you'll be fine
~ Brooke's fake friendly advice to Mindy before she goes onstage to dance.
Well, if you really wanna be popular, consider two little words: SEX TAPE
~ Brooke's advice for a nerdy girl wanting to be popular like Brooke and her friends.
Just because you dress like us doesn't mean you can be like one of us!
~ Brooke to Mindy after defending the bullied girl and calling Brooke and her friends 'axe wounds'.
Okay, Captain Muffin-Muncher, have fun playing make-believe!
~ Brooke insulting Mindy when she says she's a superhero in reality.
You wanna get real, Mindy? In the real world, I WIN!
~ Brooke to Mindy when she's told harsly what she is in reality.
I go to an awesome collage, I marry a hot guy and I make adorable babies for my nanny to take care of while we vacay in PARIS.
~ Brooke bragging to Mindy about her future plans.
My life is gonna rock and yours is gonna suck!
~ Brooke comparing her 'perfect' life to Mindy's life.
And no matter how slutty you dress, no boy is ever gonna want to kiss that 'hole in your mouth' you call a face.
~ Brooke mocking Mindy about her appearance, claiming no boys are ever going to kiss her.
So why don't you spare us all the whining now and slit your wrists now?
~ Brooke mocking Mindy, telling her to commit suicide instead.
Because the only thing that's gonna ruin my day, is looking at that thing you call a face ONE MORE SECOND!
~ Brooke verbally abusing Mindy whilst supported by her friends.
What's that? A ghetto cellphone?
~ Brooke racist insult to Mindy's "sick-stick" crowd disperser weapon.
Gonna call for help with a comeback?
~ Brooke with her friends mocking Mindy's choice of weapon.
Well, either your daddy got ripped off or you're back in make-believe land, sweetheart.
~ Brooke mocking Mindy's crowd disperser weapon as well as mocking her late father.
Because, we feel fabulous!
~ Brooke to Mindy before she and her friends are humiliated into vomiting and defecating uncontrollably by Mindy's weapon.
~ Brooke's horrified reaction after one of her fiends is forced to vomit all over her by Mindy's weapon.
You get away from me! Please! You win!
~ Brooke's last words before she is humiliated in public by Mindy by vomiting and defecating uncontrollably.


  • She appears to replace Debbie Foreman from the Hit-Girl comic series.


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