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Brooks: It's scary guy! I can't take it! I gotta get some corn, Elwyn!
Elwyn: I know, Brooksie, just be patient.
~ Brooks and Elwyn overlooking the cornfield with a Scarecrow guarding it.
I am gonna get me some rat!
~ Brooks and Elwyn about to attack Templeton the rat.

Brooks and Elwyn are the main antagonists in the 2006 family movie Charlotte's Web, based on the 1952 children's novel of the same name by E. B. White. They are two greedy crows who are known for stealing food and bullying animals, especially a rat named Templeton whom they are obsessed in killing just for fun, making them his arch-nemesis.

Brooks was voiced by Thomas Haden Church (who also played Sandman in Spider-Man 3, Tal Hajus in John Carter, Tazer in Aliens in the Attic, Killer Moth in Teen Titans, Lyle Van de Groot in George of the Jungle and Dwayne LaFontant in Over the Hedge), and Elwyn was voiced by André Benjamin.


Brooks and Elwyn are two crows who participate in trying to steal food such as corn from a cornfield, but they never succeed due to a scarecrow guarding it. They also have a habit of bullying any small animal that comes across them as Templeton found out. When they first met Templeton, they resorted to simple bullying, but when he outsmarted them, the two crows develop a powerful grudge against the rat. Elwyn shows himself to be the more patient and smarter as Brooks is slightly incompetent and impatient.


Brooks and Elwyn are two black crows that look almost alike, with only a few subtle differences. Brooks is slightly larger than Elwyn with a thicker beak.


Brooks and Elwyn are first seen spying on a scarecrow in a cornfield. Brooks is frustrated since he and Elwyn have been waiting for a long time and is still determined to get some corn, but Elwyn tells him to be patient while they pointlessly wait for the scarecrow to move. Later, when the rotten goose egg breaks, the crows can smell it from a distance while they are overlooking the barn. Elwyn asks if Brooks passed wind, but when he replies no, the two believe the stench is coming from the scarecrow, assuming that it was trying to repel the two birds from the cornfield.

Later, Brooks and Elwyn try to lunge at another scarecrow after mistaking it for the same one, only for it to scare them and send them flying away in fear. As they recover from that, they suddenly notice Templeton the rat (who is looking for a word for Wilbur) in a nearby junkyard. Deciding to have a little fun, the two crows then swoop down to attack Templeton. Luckily, Templeton lured the two birds into a trap in which Brooks and Elwyn crashed into some sand and pink paint. The two left and plotted revenge against the rat, mostly for escaping their clutches and humiliating them.

Later on, while Templeton was having a good time at the county fair, Brooks and Elwyn went to the fair, looking for all kinds of corn to eat. When they eventually catch sight of Templeton, they attempt to carry off where they left off by intending to attack the rat again, but he leaped into a scarecrow carnival game and tricked the two crows into getting trapped in a net. They discovered that the scarecrow is not a real person and angrily states that they could have been getting the corn the whole time. Brooks and Elwyn weren't seen again as they presumably never bothered Templeton anymore, but it is unknown what happened to them afterwards as they could have stayed trapped in the net, captured by humans or released back into the wild.


  • Brooks and Elwyn are both named after what the author's initials stand for; E.B. stands for Elwyn Brooks.
  • Unlike most characters in Charlotte's Web, Brooks and Elwyn do not appear in the original 1973 cartoon version or the original 1952 book.


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