'Brooks: It's scary guy! I can't take it! I gotta get some corn, Elwyn!
Elwyn: I know, Brooksie, just be patient.
~ Brooks and Elwyn overlooking the cornfield with the Scarecrow grading it.
I am gonna get me some rat!
~ Brooks and Elwyn about to attack Templeton.

Brooks and Elwyn are the main antagonists in the 2006 movie Charlotte's Web. They are two predatory crows who are particularly known for hunting and killing small animals, especially Templeton the rat, whom they are obsessed in killing.

Brooks was voiced by Thomas Haden Church (who also played Sandman in Spider-Man 3, Tal Hajus in John Carter, Lyle Van de Groot in George of the Jungle and Dwayne LaFontant in Over the Hedge), and Elwyn was voiced by André Benjamin.


Brooks and Elwyn are two crows who participate in presumably hunting and killing small animals, and targeted Templeton, a rat from the farm. Elwyn shows himself to be the more patient and smarter as Brooks is slightly incompetent and inpatient. While Templeton went to the junkyard to look for a word for Wilbur, Brooks and Elwyn swooped down to attack Templeton. Luckily, Templeton lured the two birds into a trap and crashed into some sand and pink paint. The two left and wanted revenge against the rat, mostly for escaping their clutches and humiliating them.

Later on, while Templeton was having a good time at the county fair, Brooks and Elwyn went to the fair to get revenge on the rat. As they attack Templeton again, he jumped into a corn-like game machine and tricked the crows by getting trapped by a net. Brooks and Elwyn weren't seen again after this, but it is assumed that they never bothered Templeton anymore and presumably moved on to target more animals.



  • Brooks and Elwyn are both named after what the author's initials stand for; E.B. stands for Elwyn Brooks.
  • Unlike most characters in Charlotte's Web, Brooks and Elwyn do not appear in the original 1973 cartoon version of Charlotte's Web or the original 1952 book.
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