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Judge Broseph Chillaxton is a judge who keeps the "laws of cool" from them being broken. His first appearance has been in "Cool Bikes".

He is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes who also voiced Falcon Graves in DuckTales 2017 Animated, Medic in Team Fortress 2 and Mumm-Ra in ThunderCats 2011 Animated.


Broseph Chillaxton is an invisible man. He has a white curled judge's wig, white gloves, black sunglasses, and a black robe.


When Mordecai and Rigby got summoned to the "Courthouse of Cool" for being too cool, Broseph Chillaxton presides over the trial as judge. With Gary as their lawyer he allows witnesses, including Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost, the Das Coolest Employee and Benson as the last witness. When Benson declared that Mordecai and Rigby were the coolest people he knew Broseph Chilaxton sentenced them to death. Benson then saves them by grabbing onto Broseph Chilaton and throwing his things at the guards. When all three off them tried to escape on the bikes he ordered the guards to get them. The guards chased them through the the courthouse ship right to the teleporter. After activating the teleporter, Mordecai throws the bikes onto the mechanisms causing them to explode and causing a chain reaction which cause the whole ships to explode killing everyone on it including Broseph Chillaton himself.

He reappears in "Exit 9B" as one of the many villains who were are revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. He is then sucked back into the portal after Thomas signs the document declaring the Park a historical landmark.


  • He was briefly seen in "Exit 9B" (on his judge chair) while Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. and Sr. remarked that the park dwellers were "outnumbered".
  • His name "Broseph" appears to a combination of the words "Bro" and "Joseph".
  • The shot of the teleporter back to Earth is a visual homage to the film They Live.
  • The appearance and explosion of the Cool Court's ship parodies that of the Death Star from Star Wars.


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