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Brother is a major antagonist in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End and a member of the Odet Family.

He was portrayed by Clint Carleton.


Brother is first seen when Actress Kimberly Caldwell accidentally hits him with her car and he lies on the side of the road pretending to be hurt. When she tries giving him CPR, he bites her tongue off and then lets her stumble into his Uncle, Three Finger, who cuts her vertically in half with an axe and then carries off a half of her away with him.

He's later seen stalking and masturbating to Elena giving M fellatio, though Sister scolds him for doing so and then jealously kills Elena. They make up by having sex while Sister wears Elena's face. When Nina, Jake, Amber, and Jonesy catch them in the act, they at first think that Brother is raping Elena and try to stop him, only for Sister to reveal herself and the siblings attack the four intruders. During the skirmish, Brother falls and hits his head on a rock but is only momentarily stunned, showing how thick his mutations have made his skull.

When Amber and Jonesy get captured in on of Pa's traps, he runs to his side excitedly waiting for him to kill them, only for Pa to teach Brother himself how to use the bow and he does, shooting only one arrow through both of their heads successfully to make his father proud.

Brother appears again later at a dinner table Ma prepared at an abandoned mill while holding Nina hostage, teasing her with his "food", until they hear Colonel Dale Murphy make a distraction and he goes to investigate with Sister. Brother is killed when Colonel Murphy shoots him in the back with an arrow with lit dynamite on it which he got from Maynard Odet, and Sister tries helping Brother, only for both of them to die when the dynamite explodes.


  • Amber Williams - Shot in the head with an arrow by Brother, along with Jonesy.
  • Matt "Jonesy" Jones - Shot in the head with an arrow by Brother, along with Amber.





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