Brother Marcion

There was given to him a mouth speaking great lies and blasphemies! And his name was KANE!
~ Marcion during his first speech
I bring light to the lost and hope to the hopeless! I bring the promise of peace and the prophecy of the power of Tiberium!
~ Marcion
His time is done! His legacy - a distant memory, for only I know the true path. Only I *interrupted*
~ Marcion on Kane

Brother Marcion is the leader of the Brotherhood of Nod's elite faction known as the Black Hand. He is also a prominent Nod figure serving ever since the Second Tiberium War.


During the Second Tiberium War, Brother Marcion was the leader of the Brotherhood's religious wing, spreading and enforcing the prophecies of Kane. He was no mere monk however - he was also a fighter, gaining widespread recognition in battle when he gallantly used an improvised flamethrower to wipe out many entrenched GDI soldiers. This inspired the creation of the Purifier walker, embodying the spirit of Marcion. As the War drew to a close, he became disillusioned with Nod and its leader.

When Kane died and Anton Slavik took control of Nod, giving the Black Hand a new public profile, many claimed the Nod leader was a traitor to the Black Hand's true purpose. Marcion's impassioned and popular preaching made him a natural opponent for Slavik. What started as a doctrinal disagreement quickly escalated into a schism that threatened the very existence of Nod itself. The situation spun out of control quickly, with Slavik dead at the hands of an assassin and Marcion in Australia, on a self-imposed exile. Evidence suggests that his betrayal was actually planned by GDI; a spy managed to use his vanity against him and turn him on the Brotherhood and Kane, triggering yet another splintering of the Brotherhood.

However, Kane, who needed a figurehead to lead the Brotherhood in order to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to himself, ordered LEGION to capture Marcion and afterwards, Kane managed to bring Marcion back into the fold, where he became the first member of Kanes newly reformed Inner Circle and temporary official leader of the Brotherhood. Marcion exhibited unease when he met Kane following his capture; claiming that if he knew Kane lived, he never would've tried to bury his legacy.


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