Tode (Earth-616) 003

Brother Tode is a villain from the Marvel Comics series The Eternals.

The character is a Deviant with green skin and an oversized head. He was once the monarch of the Deviants, ruler of the ancient Deviant Empire of Lemuria, husband of Queen Vira and father of Ranar.

He was created by the late legendary author Jack Kirby.


Tode, as ruler of the Deviants, dispatched Warlord Kro to find the cosmic beacon of the Celestials and destroy it. He punished Kro when Kro failed to destroy the beacon, and then authorized Kro to attack New York City. Tode was next seen observing a gladiatorial game between Ransak and Karkas the Mutate. There, Tode encountered Thena the Eternal. Tode was in the City of Toads when the Celestial Eson the Searcher caused the city to flood, although Tode's life was spared.

Tode then led a successful invasion of the Eternals' city, in which Eternals were captured and imprisoned via brain mines. Tode supervised the distillation of the Eternals' immortality and consumed the energy of the incorporated Eternals in an attempt to gain immortality. His plan was thwarted by Iron Man and the Eternals.

It was later revealed that Tode, along with the other Deviants in the City of Toads when the Eternals defeated them, was transformed by the Eternals by molecular rearrangement into a large organic cube which was then lowered into Olympia's foundation. The block of transmuted Deviants was then towed by the Eternal Uni-Mind into space.  

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