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Brotherhood. Unity. Peace.
~ A motto of the Brotherhood of Nod.
One Vision, One Purpose.
~ A motto of the Brotherhood of Nod
Peace Through Power.
~ The Brotherhood of Nod's mantra.

The Brotherhood of Nod (often shortened to "Nod" or the "Brotherhood") is a mysterious and highly militant Abrahamic society of allegedly ancient origins and the main antagonists of the "Tiberian Series" of the Command & Conquer franchise, as well as a playable faction in every Tiberian Series game and the archenemies of the Global Defense Initiative. They are one of the main antagonists in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (alongside Scrin).

Throughout its struggle with GDI, Nod is shown possessing characteristics of a vast religious movement, a multinational corporation and a decentralized nation-state, while being none of the three in itself. The globalized brotherhood is led by a mysterious man known only as Kane, and its influence at the advent of the events reached nothing short of the status of an unconventional superpower.

The Brotherhood of Nod represents a flexible, elusive and worldwide cultic army which thrives on the sophisticated synergy between low-tech guerrilla warfare and advanced forces equipped with state-of-the-art weapon systems derived from the Brotherhood's understanding of Tiberium-based military technologies. Nod tactics are highly radical and appear more unethical than GDI's, often showing little regard for human life. In addition, their religious fascination with Tiberium has lead them to use the substance as an offensive chemical. Nod forces typically are weaker than GDI's or the Scrin in a head-on engagement, yet they use stealth and advanced hit-and-run tactics to their advantage to control of the battle and sabotage an opponent's momentum.

Like in the original C&C game, their in-game superweapon is a nuclear missile, which replaces the cluster and chemical missiles deployed during Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

The Brotherhood of NOD believes in Ascencion, a portal to a different world which in theory is utopia like. The portal was proven to exist in Command & Conquer 4. If the portal would lead them to a utopia like place remains to be seen.

Other than Ascencion the brotherhood has side-missions. Including liberating the third world from what in their opinion are Imperialist oppressors. The Imperialists may include nations like the USA, Russia, United Kingdom and many more first world nations - in other words, GDI. Kane himself seems to be very extreme about this, but it remains to be seen if this is just something to justify his terrorism or if he actually means it.

As noble as Nod's goals are, they are shown to use extreme methods to achieve their goals. Often justifying it with "the end's will justify the means." The Brotherhood has gone as far as experimenting on humans and even mutating them.


Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

Though said to have existed since ancient times, the Brotherhood of Nod first emerged after the meteorite carrying Tiberium crashed into Earth. The Brotherhood immediately moved to intercept the new resource and began vigorously experimenting with it to explore its capabilities. After using the resource to greatly enhance their own power and military, the Brotherhood of Nod, under the direction of Kane, began an aggressive campaign against the Global Defense Initiative, an organization established by the United Nations to contain the spread of Tiberium, in order to dominate the planet. Having attracted many fanatical followers from various disenfranchised Third World nations thanks to Kane's charisma and leveled up their military immensely thanks to Tiberium, the Brotherhood grew comparable to the strength of the GDI and First World. Despite this, they were ultimately defeated by the GDI and seemingly put to an end when the GDI vaporized the Temple of Nod with the Ion Cannon, with their leader Kane apparently perishing along with it.

Command & Conquer 2: Tiberian Sun

Following Kane's supposed death, the Brotherhood splintered into multiple factions, with one in the Western Hemisphere led by General Vega and one in the Eastern Hemisphere led by Hassan, a GDI puppet. Hassan was later overthrown by Nod's elite army, the Black Hand led by Anton Slavik, and the two halves of the Brotherhood reunified. At Hassan's execution ceremony, Kane revealed himself to be alive, having been the wirepuller behind Slavik's coup against Hassan, much to the surprise and delight of the people of Nod.

With Kane at the helm once more, the Brotherhood of Nod began another campaign against the Global Defense Initiative, commencing the Second Tiberium War. Ultimately, Nod was defeated after their plan to launch the World Altering Missile to accelerate the spread of Tiberium was thwarted and Kane was seemingly killed again by Michael McNeil.

Kane's death led to the Brotherhood being fractured once more, though the remnants soon gathered under Slavik, Kane's second-in-command. Slavik sought to take Tacitus, an alien supercomputer with critical data on Tiberium, from the GDI and in pursuit of this, reactivated CABAL to aid him and the Brotherhood. To prevent the GDI from being able to translate Tacitus, CABAL arranged the assassination of Tratos, leader of the Forgotten. However, CABAL eventually made its true intentions known, commandeering control of Nod's cyborg army and, declaring itself the only leader of Nod, had all of Nod's Inner Circle murdered; all except Slavik, who did not have cyborg bodyguards. With CABAL on the loose, Slavik was forced to ally the Brotherhood with the GDI to put a stop to the rogue AI. With the destruction of the CABAL Core, CABAL was defeated and Slavik asserted his control over the Brotherhood.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberian Wars

Eventually, Kane surfaced to lead the Brotherhood of Nod once more and Nod arranged a strike against the GDI's Goddard Space Center that proved successful, prompting a retaliation from the GDI and beginning the Third Tiberium War. In response to Nod's aggression, the GDI rallied their forces to fight the Nod and were able to drive them out of their captured territories, pushing them all the way back to Nod's Temple Prime, where they were developing a liquid Tiberium bomb. The GDI fired on the temple with the Ion Cannon, destroying it and seemingly killing Kane (again) but also detonating the liquid Tiberium being used for the bomb to explode. The explosion of the liquid Tiberium attracted a third player in the Tiberium War to Earth, the Scrin, who invaded the planet to mine the Tiberium that had spread across it. In the face of the alien menace, the Brotherhood, now with Kilian Qatar as acting leader, formed an alliance with the GDI to put up a unified front against the Scrin.

After his seeming death in the obliteration of the temple, his second-in-command Kilian Qatar took charge of the Brotherhood and allied with the GDI to fight the Scrin. However, Kane later resurfaced and, angered at the pact Qatar had made with the GDI against the Scrin, had her executed for treason before having Nod resume its war against both the GDI and the Scrin.

Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath

However, the CABAL incident, among other factors, triggered wide unrest across the Brotherhood for Slavik's rule, and Slavik was eventually overthrown and executed in a coup led by Brother Marcion, who declared himself the new Messiah of the Brotherhood. Marcion was later captured by Nod forces loyal to Kane, who was secretly alive again and plotting his return. Upon witnessing that the prophet was still alive, Marcion re-pledged his loyalty to Kane and was brought back into Kane's fold. Despite this, Kane decided that right now was not the right time to reveal himself and remained in the shadows while having Marcion continue to act as a figurehead in order to draw attention away from himself and his activities.

However, Kane soon returned after revealing that he faked his death and that he had intended for the GDI to blow up the liquid Tiberium and draw the Scrin to Earth in order to harness the Scrin's technology for his own goals. Displeased with Qatar's alliance with the GDI, Kane had her executed and reassumed control over the Brotherhood, resuming their campaign against the GDI. The Scrin were eventually driven off and Nod was able to recover their technology, but their progress was partially set back when Alexa Kovacs attempted to shut down LEGION, the Brotherhood's new AI, with a virus, fearing it would become another CABAL, before committing suicide herself. Despite this, LEGION fully recovered within the next two years and awakened Kane's new cyborg army, the Marked of Kane. The Marked of Kane embarked on a mission to steal back Tacitus from the GDI and were successful in recovering it for the Brotherhood. Kane then had LEGION merge with Tacitus and activate Kane's Tower, putting him one step forward towards Ascension.

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

With the rampant unchecked spread of Tiberium across the planet posing an immediate and pressing threat to the world's habitability for humans, Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod were left with no choice but to enter into an alliance with the Global Defense Initiative to work together to contain Tiberium's spread. Nod and the GDI thus began joint work together on the Tiberium Control Network, a system which would contain the spread of Tiberium and allow humans to safely mine it. However, the decision to ally with the GDI was opposed by radicals within the Nod government who eventually splintered off under the leadership of Gideon, an outspoken critic of Kane, to continue pursuing aggressive actions against the GDI. The Nod Separatists, as they were called, disrupted the GDI and Brotherhood's efforts to complete the TCN, leading Kane to call for Gideon's head. The Separatists were eventually put down by the Brotherhood and Gideon was brought before Kane to be executed.

After finishing the Tiberium Control Network, Kane activated it to create a portal for him to finally "ascend", stepping through it and leaving Earth right before the portal closed. What remained of the Brotherhood also disappeared, having apparently ascended along with Kane. With the Brotherhood seemingly gone, the GDI was left the sole superpower on Earth.


The society of Nod is ruled by militaristic, autocratic government. At the top is Kane, whose image dominates the iconography and propaganda of the Brotherhood, as his presence is central to the Brotherhood's buildup of power. Beneath Kane is a council of his top generals and advisors, known as the Inner Circle, which is responsible for overseeing the Brotherhood's military operations on behalf of Kane. Separate from the Brotherhood's main military structure is a sect known as the Black Hand, a fanatical group of elite specialists which conducts covert operations for the Brotherhood.

Following Nod's defeat in the First Tiberium War and without Kane to hold it together, the Brotherhood was fractured into a number of different cells across the globe, which eventually unified into two distinct factions in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. The Eastern Hemisphere Brotherhood was controlled by Hassan, a GDI puppet, while the bulk of Nod groups in the Western Hemisphere were controlled by drug lord and Nod commander General Vega. Eventually, after a coup by the Black Hand against Hassan, the Eastern Hemisphere Brotherhood was freed from the GDI's influence and merged with the Western Hemisphere Brotherhood to reunify Nod under Kane, who had made presence known once more to his followers.

After the Brotherhood's second defeat and Kane's apparent death at the end of the Second Tiberium War, command of the Brotherhood was passed down to his second-in-command Anton Slavik, though he was later assassinated following the CABAL incident by Brother Marcion, who promptly took over. However, Kane later reemerged and, after capturing Marcion and bringing him back into his fold, made Marcion his figurehead until he was ready to reveal himself. After Kane revealed himself yet again and instigated the Third Tiberium War with the GDI, the Brotherhood was ruled by a clear power structure of Kane at the top, followed by his second-in-command Kilian Qatar and then the rest of his lieutenants. After Kane seemingly perished in the destruction of Nod's Temple Prime, Qatar took over acting leadership of the organization, but was executed by Kane after he returned for her controversial decision to ally with the GDI to combat the Scrin.

By the Ascension War, Kane's power within Nod had more-or-less been solidified, but a splinter faction known as the Nod Separatists, headed by the Black Hand's new leader Gideon, broke away after Kane allied with the GDI to work together to halt the spread of Tiberium.


Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is the ruling body of the Brotherhood of Nod. It is a shadowy council comprised of five of Nod's high-ranking officials hand-picked by Kane personally, including the leader of Nod's Black Hand. Very little is known about the nature of the Inner Circle, but it is thought to have existed for as long as Nod itself has.

The Inner Circle was wiped out following the Brotherhood's defeat and Kane's supposed death at the end of the Second Tiberium War, the treason of CABAL and Brother Marcion's rise to power, but after Kane emerged once more as leader of Nod the Inner Circle was reestablished from several of his most loyal generals.

Black Hand

The Black Hand is a secret cult-like sect within Nod comprised of Kane's most elite and loyal followers. The existence of the Black Hand is unknown to most members of the public and its existence was only confirmed by the GDI in the late stages of the First Tiberium War. The Black Hand operates separately from the bulk of Nod's military, with its objective being to undertake subtle and underhanded methods such as sabotage, assassinations, kidnappings, and terrorism to expand the Brotherhood's power and undermine its foes. Though it was supposedly founded by Gideon Raveshaw, other sources have stated that it has existed since "times immemorial" and Kane has personally remarked that it was once comprised of the first humans who followed him.

Curiously, the Black Hand shares its name with the organization responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that triggered the first World War, possibly hinting at a connection.

Marked of Kane

The Marked of Kane are an army of cyborg warriors controlled via cyber-neurological implants linked to control nodes across the globe. They were first "awakened" by LEGION in 2052 and possess a blind obediance to the AI, following its orders without question. In Kane's eyes, the Marked represent the "redeemed" of the Brotherhood's soldiers: the 'deathless' and the 'enlightened'. In the aftermath of the Third Tiberium War, they replaced the Black Hand as Nod's core legion and are vastly superior to Nod's basic military forces thanks to their Tiberium modifications. Their name is a reference to the biblical Mark of Cain.

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