The Brotherhood of Ultra Science was a secret cult of scientists founded by Dr. Jacob Crow sometime in the year 1969 A.D. and continued operation until 2243 A.D. They are major villains in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.


The main mission of this "brotherhood" was to find and obtain eternal life, a driving desire which took Jacob Crow two full lifetimes worth of research to achieve.

Jacob Crow (or, Karma Crow at the time) supposedly established the Brotherhood of Ultra Science so that people could work together to find a way to become immortal beings themselves, but in fact had no intention of anyone else benefiting from the unusual research they did. He simply used the cult to gather workforces and allow him to reach the goal of immortality quicker. He also led the Brotherhood on to believe they would take over the world someday soon all while plannig the rule the world himself.

Upon founding this cult organization in various time zones, he managed to do much more work than he would have been able to do alone, but his workforce never seemed to survive their experiments long enough to join him at the end of his goal. Once he established Ultr-Net in 2243 he disbanded the cult with the intention to either wipe them out along with the rest of humanity or perform cruel and unusual expermients to make them his loyal TimeSplitters so he could rule the world as a godlike figure.

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