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The Brotherhood of the Dark Rapture is an apocalyptic terrorist cult of men and women that worships the Firstborn and a major antagonistic group in the 2007 first person shooter psychological horror video game, Clive Barker's Jericho.

This enigmatic, religious group of zealots was first formed by their leader Arnold Leach after he was expelled from the Department of Occult Warfare.

Not much is known about the Brotherhood before Leach's opening of the Breach; except tht they performed a number of heinous attacks across the world. These attacks include gas attacks in Sidney, Australia, grisly ritualized murders in Baltimore, and a slew of vicious attacks against children in London and in schools elsewhere around the globe. It is presumed that there were more; as the game only references this listed handful. The Brotherhood of the Dark Rapture is believed to have awaited the coming of the Firstborn into the mortal world; and the attacks they perpetated to be building up a negative charge of energy to be released at one moment (a "Karma Bomb") to open the Breach.

Leach and his followers committed suicide while torturing themselves and each other; and the dying Leach released very ounce of the negative charge, tearing open a massive portal (the Breach) although his beloved followers who were betrayed by the Firstborn alongside their leader, came back to life as undead corspses of their former selves within the ancient cursed city of Al Khali located somewhere in the Middle East where it too used to be their main headquarters as well as the "place of worship" for revering the "grace" of the Firstborn.


  • There are 2 types of transmutated and undead humanoid zealots of the Brotherhood of the Dark Rapture: the standard bloodthirsty "Cultists" with launching hooks, the suicidal "Explosive Cultists" with yellow pustules on them that explodes upon contact, and the monstrous "Flying Cultists" with demonic wings similar to those of the cult's leader Arnold Leach.
  • They also have an acronym dubbed "B.D.R." as shown on their computer file at the beginning chopper scene in Jericho.
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