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Brown-Tubbs Family is the intermittently villainous family from the FOX Animated Sitcom, The Cleveland Show. They are a blended family, where Cleveland Brown, father of Junior, marries Donna Tubbs, mother of Roberta and Rallo.

Following their original show's cancellation, they are now side characters on Family Guy.


None of the members of The Brown-Tubbs Family are innocent, as each individual member is villainous in one way or another. Cleveland is a reckless and idiotic father, who often destroys things and makes others miserable, just to selfishly advantage himself. Donna ruins people's lives and destroys innocence just to prove a point or win a petty argument. Junior is a wolf in sheep's clothing, who will occasionally snap and go full-on psycho if he loses control of his emotions, which is especially scary, considering his dangerously advanced superhuman strength. Roberta is a defiant, truculent, and rule-breaking teenager, with no respect for authority. Rallo is a mischief-making prankster, who enjoys watching people suffer or get offended. In general, the family isn't too much of a threat, since most of their villainous energy is put into fights they have among themselves.


Immediate Family

Extended Family

  • LeVar Brown (Cleveland's father)
  • Evelyn Brown (Cleveland's mother)
  • Broderick Brown (Cleveland's brother)
  • Dee Dee Tubbs (Donna's mother; deceased)
  • Janet Tubbs (Donna's sister)

Other Family Members

  • Rock Hudson (Rallo's Dog)
  • Loretta Brown (Cleveland's ex-wife; deceased)
  • Robert Tubbs (Donna's ex-husband)
  • Auntie Momma/Uncle Kevin (Donna's designated caretaker)
  • Brian Tubbs (Janet's son)
  • DeBrian Tubbs (Janet's son)
  • Cecelia Moreno (Junior's wife)
  • Hong Kong Phooey (Robert and Dee Dee's adoptive son)
  • Dennis Rodman (Donna's first ex-husband)
  • Kareem Abdul Jabark (Rallo's Dog; deceased)
  • Meadowlark Lemon (Rallo's Dog; deceased)


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