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You don't have to do this, man.
~ Pleading for mercy.

Bruce Cochrane's Former Boss is an unnamed antagonist who was cut from the original Twisted Metal game.


Bruce Cochrane was hired by an unnamed music director. After a while, Bruce decided to quit his job. His former boss  secretly had a crush on Bruce's girlfriend. He decided to kidnap her and went into hiding from Bruce.

Eventually, Bruce found out about his girlfriend's disappearance. He was infuriated to know that his girlfriend was kidnapped by his former boss. Teaming up with one of Bruce's friends, they searched for his girlfriend and former boss. Unfortunately, they weren't successful.

After a while, Bruce heard about the Twisted Metal contest. He also heard the winner would be granted any prize. He saw this as an opportunity to find his girlfriend. Determined, Bruce and his friend entered Twisted Metal.

Bruce and his friend managed to win the contest. They met Calypso who is the sponsor of Twisted Metal. Bruce asked Calypso to find his girlfriend and former boss. Seconds later, Bruce's former boss appeared and was tied to a chair. Moments later, Bruce's girlfriend appeared alive and well. She hugged Bruce and he thanked Calypso. Bruce, his girlfriend, and partner drove away. Annoyed that Bruce didn't kill his former boss, Calypso used a gun to kill the man.



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