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Bruce Lowe is a supporting antagonist in the third season of Stranger Things . He is a journalist for the Hawkins Post who sexually harasses his female co-workers, especially Nancy Wheeler. He later becomes one of the Flayed, along with his boss Tom Holloway after being possessed by the Mind Flayer,

He was portrayed by Jake Busey.


Season 3

Bruce worked as a journalist at The Hawkins Post, the newspaper for the town of Hawkins, with his boss Tom Holloway.

Sometime before the summer of 1985, Bruce started working with Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers after Tom hired them for the Hawkins Post. However, due to the journalists working there were mostly men, Bruce, along with his co-workers, and his boss Tom, mocked Nancy for her desire to be a journalist, treated her with disdain and even played practical jokes on her.

Shortly afterwards, Bruce became one of the Flayed alongside Tom, (possibly through his ties to his family, also possessed by the Mind Flayer).

On July 3rd, when Nancy and Jonathan were at Hawkins Memorial Hospital, Bruce joined Tom to hunt them down, even killing some of the staff and patients in the upper floor presumably in order to find Doris Driscoll, another victim of the Mind Flayer. When Tom and Bruce met up with Nancy and Jonathan, a battle between the pairs began. The battle eventually culminated in Nancy crushing Bruce' skull with a fire extinguisher, killing him in the process. After Bruce dies, his corpse melts and merges with Tom's, creating a new monster.


Bruce is a sexist man who has no respect for women, especially Nancy Wheeler, whom he constantly teased and made her rude and sexist jokes, along with his co-workers. Nancy was a frequent target of ridicule from him, as Bruce compared her to Nancy Drew and put her down, never taking her seriously. After being possessed by the Mind Flayer, his sexism turned to outright malice and along with Tom, he attempted to ambush Nancy and Jonathan at Hawkins Hospital, only to be killed by Nancy in self-defense at the end of the battle.


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