Bruce Onion is the main antagonist of the Veggietales franchise, Celery Night Fever.


Bruce Onion appeared as an innocent character, until during the climax, he wanted to destroy the park, because during the past, he wanted to play the tuba on stage in the park, but the band, Groovy Brothers kept on going on stage and this prevents him from doing it. He attempts to destroy the park for revenge. When the Groovy Brothers were being told by him about the problem, they let him join the band. Once he joined, he redeem himself.


Bruce Onion appeared as an onion with glasses and beard. His looks does not look villainous, unlike most villains. He appears innocent mostly, until his true nature is revealed during the climax.


Bruce Onion is really self-centered. He really wants recognition, so his goal is to destroy the park as a revenge on the Groovy Brothers, because during his past, he can't play the tuba on stage, because the Groovy Brothers are always on stage, but he redeemed himself when they let him join.


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