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Bruce Parker is one of the main protagonists of the horror movie, Altitude, however he is revealed as the main antagonist during the end of the film when he is revealed to be a reality-altering superhuman and his inner fears were manifesting as nightmarish monsters and otherworldly phenomena.

Due to Bruce's own inability to face his fears his powers went completely haywire and whenever he felt fear reality would warp around him, with terrifying results - despite this he was not an evil killer and unlike most other horror antagonists had no intention of being a monster, instead he had to be shocked into facing his own fears and undoing the chaos his mind had conjured.

In the end Bruce manages to completely undo the nightmarish future he created via time-travel, saving the life of his parents and erasing the events leading up to Altitude - it is implied that Bruce and everyone that died were able to start anew and it is unknown if Bruce still retained his reality-altering powers in the new time-line.


Bruce is similar in concept to an Omega-level mutant from Marvel comics, which is fitting as Bruce was obsessed with comic books (specifically "Weird Tales").