Brucks is a supporting antagonist in the YouTube Red/Netflix television series Cobra Kai, serving as the secondary antagonist of the first season and a minor antagonist in the third season.

He is one of Kyler's cronies and his second-in-command. At first, he enjoys bullying along with Kyler and their gang some students like Miguel Diaz and Eli Mokowitz. However, when both Miguel and Eli start training at Cobra Kai, the tables turn for the bullies.

He was portrayed by Bo Mitchell.


Season 1

Brucks is first seen with Kyler and two other of his friends going to mini-mart to buy beer. After Miguel accidentally exposed them as not being 21, the gang began antagonizing him and pushed him up against Johnny Lawrence's car.

Johnny stepped in to tell them to back off, but Kyler and Brucks just made fun of him. Johnny then decided to fight them off, using his karate to make short work of Brucks and Kyler, as well as his other cronies. However, the police soon showed up to break up the fight.

When Miguel confronted Kyler to tell him to stop bullying Sam, Brucks got up to fight him after Kyler challenged him to a fight. Despite outnumbering Miguel, all four of Kyler's gang were beat up by him with the skills he learned from Cobra Kai.

Season 2

Brucks isn't seen or mentioned, most likely because the plot is taking place during summer vacation for the most part.

Season 3

Brucks joins Cobra Kai alongside Kyler, but is almost immediately beaten severely by Hawk which could've nearly killed him. He apparently does not return to Cobra Kai after that and was kicked off the team.

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