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I may die this day, but my hatred for you and your wretched family shall linger forever. Curses on you, queen!
~ Bruford in a flashback before his first death via beheading alongside Tarkus.
Hehe... this pain is proof of life. If you feel pain, you can feel joy, that's what humanity means.
~ Bruford

Bruford, also known as Blueford, is one of the undead henchmen of Dio Brando and a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood.

In Japanese, he was voiced by Nobutoshi Canna in the PS2 game adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, Tōru Nara in the movie adaptation of the part, and Kenjiro Tsuda in the anime. In English, he was voiced by Tony Oliver in the anime.



Bruford and his partner Tarkus were knights who lived during the 16th century and served the young Mary Stuart, who was disputing the throne with Elizabeth I. When Mary's husband dies, Elizabeth takes the chance and accuses Mary of murdering her husband. Because of this, the nobles revolted against Mary and gathered their armies, but Bruford and Tarkus were enough to defeat them all, even when they were already at a big disadvantage. Mary is imprisoned, and Elizabeth offers to release Mary in exchange for them both surrendering. When they are about to be executed, they discover that it was all a trap to kill them, because Mary was already dead.

Both of them are executed, died cursing the world for the treacheries they suffered.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

Three hundred years later, the vampire Dio Brando resurrects them both to serve him, making them zombies. When Jonathan Joestar faces Dio, he summons them to fight him, since he was so bored. Bruford uses his hair to disable Jonathan's arm and suck his blood, but he strikes his own arm with Hamon, cutting the hair. Bruford, remembering his pride as a knight, decides to fight Jonathan by himself. He uses his own hair, in a technique called "Dance Macabre Hair" to attack Jonathan, who dodges his attack and falls in the water. Expecting him to go to the surface to breath, Bruford swims after him, but is surprised when Jonathan dives to the bottom of the lake and breathes the air which was trapped between the rocks in the bottom, launching a full power Hamon attack, which he barely escapes with a scratch. Amazed at Jonathan's skills, he fights with his all, making his hair grow and grabbing Jonathan completely, slamming him into the rocks. As Bruford attacks with his sword, Jonathan uses his leg to block the sword and transfer the Hamon through it, melting his arm, and finishes him with another attack. Surprisingly, Bruford, ignoring his pain, attacks again with his sword, but Jonathan never reacts against it. Bruford stops his attack before hitting Jonathan, as many flowers start to bloom under his feet: Jonathan's last attack had revived Bruford's soul and humanity and Jonathan realizes this when Bruford states that his sense of pain means nothing (although the undead fail to feel pain). Before dying, Bruford gives Jonathan his sword and departed from human world with a smile, as his hatred and grudge were all gone and relishing at the fact that he had fought with a noble human being that is Jonathan Joestar who returned Bruford his humanity. Bruford vows to rejoin and continue serving his late queen in afterlife.


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