Hey. You lost, pal? This is a private sweat gland. Now, beat it!
~ Bruiser's first words to Thrax.

Bruiser is a supporting antagonist in the 2001 animated/live action film Osmosis Jones. He is a germ criminal who briefly worked for Thrax.

He was voiced by the late Bob Papenbrook, who also played Vincent in Hoodwinked!, and King Wartlord in The Happy Cricket.


Working With Scabies

Bruiser was employed by a nasty bacteria named Scabies to spread diseases inside the City of Frank. One day, he and all the other germs decided to relax at the left armpit, where he met Thrax, a dangerous virus. He strictly advised Thrax to leave the sweat gland before the virus killed Bruiser's employer. Once Thrax described himself as deadly from Joe Cramp's wondering, he and the other germs were convinced.

Employed By Thrax

During his employment from Thrax, he helped the virus cause a stuffy nose. All of the germs and Thrax had a meeting at The Zit on the afternoon, while the virus explained why he wants to kill Frank and set a record because of his previous records of killing humans. All of a sudden, Osmosis Jones and Drix appeared. Once Drix brought a grenade, Bruiser, Thrax and the rest of the germs were terrified.


He, Cramp and Thrax were the only organisms to survive the cold blast at The Zit. Bruiser suggested the idea to have themselves incubated. This suggestion infuriated Thrax, who killed the two of them.


Bruiser is a highly aggressive germ and gets angry when someone wants to hurt his boss.



What's so funny?
Hey, boss. We're the only ones left. Maybe we should incubate for a while?
~ Last words.


  • Bruiser was the only minor germ that has its name from the film.
  • His last words served as an important part of Thrax's hostility, since the latter was afraid to not break his record.


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