Bruno Ugly Mannheim is a mobster who gained ownership of the Ace of Clubs after he kills its previous owner, Ron Milano.

He was portrayed by Dominic Zamprogna.


Season 8

Bruno was a thug for the mob and Ace of Clubs owner Ron Milano. He made counterfeit money and mugged Chloe Sullivan along with AJ, stealing Chloe's bag and getting a whack from Lois Lane before leaving in his car.

After that, Bruno goes to the Ace of Clubs to have a drink, where Jimmy Olsen, who's working there as a bartender, asked to get an advance on his pay from Milano. Ricky then came to get Bruno because Milano wanted to see him, but when Milano began to mock Bruno for the mugging, Bruno shot him dead with a silenced gun in the backroom of the Ace of Clubs when Milano said that they were going legit. He then took over the entire business and tells his men that they were first going to get rid of the heroes, starting with Stiletto.

When Jimmy came back into work late holding his camera, Bruno took it off him and recognized the photos of Chloe and Lois as Stiletto, they knock Jimmy out, and when he wakes up, he beat him to get information. When this is happening, he was in the backroom seeing through the counterfeit money when Clark Kent get inside with super speed, but unfortunately for Clark, Kryptonite was being used in the counterfeit money, which made Clark weak enough that Bruno was able to beat him up like a human being.

Bruno Mannheim Smallville 001

Lois, as Stiletto, jumped down and knocked Clark away in time. As Bruno went to shoot her, Clark jumped in front of Lois blocking her from danger. Jimmy joined the fight and beat Bruno down.

Season 11

Bruno is now the head of Intergang and serving a sentence at Stryker's Island. He has a book about Crime which he says was given to him by Gordon Godrey, one of the Followers of Darkseid, and supposedly changed his ways. Mannheim then is interrogated by Batman who wants to know location of Joe Chill's safe house. Later, he is Interrogated by Superman as well, who takes him in the air and scares him in order to gain information about Chill's involvment with Intergang.


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