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I'm looking for my mate.
~ First Words spoken on-screen talking to Mick Carter while trying to track down Keegan Baker, shortly before Bruno ends up killing Keegan's friend Shakil Kazemi.

Bruno is a fictional character and recurring antagonist from British BBC soap opera drama EastEnders. He makes his first appearance on May 2018 and became a major antagonist until September 2018, during which he was involved in a knife crime storyline that saw him kill Shakil Kazemi whilst trying to also murder established character Keegan Baker that night.

He was portrayed by Josh Fraser.



Keegan Baker, who's trying to walk back home from school sees a bike at a rack located at somebody else's neighborhood immediately steals it without anybody around. Keegan is told by his friend Shakil Kazemi to take the bike back but refuses.

Bruno and his entourage arrive into the Queen Vic where he is looking for Keegan, who took a photo of him stealing his bike shown on his phone. Mick, lies to Bruno that doesn't know where he is. Bruno and his gang leaves the pub. Keegan, hiding in a bathroom is knocked on the door by his half-brother Keanu Taylor about stealing the bike, Keegan walks away from the conversation.

Everybody is celebrating at the Vic and Bex Fowler, Shakil's girlfriend starts questioning Keegan where Shakil is. Keegan is worried and feared by this, walks outside at night time trying to phone Shakil but sees a teenage kid, who's part of Bruno's gang is standing by the Vic. Keegan, walks up to him who's willing to fight him but the guy runs off at the back of the alleyway located by the Vic. Keegan has been setup by Bruno, who walks up from behind and ruthlessly stabs Keegan and pushes him to the alleyway, leaving him for dead. While everybody is singing in the pub, Keegan is unable to breathe after Bruno and his cohorts flee the crime scene. Shakil shows up to Keegan, who's been stabbed as well but tells Keegan to stay put and tries to go outside and get help but later dies from his stab wounds.

Mick sees Keegan left for dead and starts phoning 911 for emergency but they're unable to help. Mick takes Keegan to hospital himself by driving him in his vehicle. Mick, crashed his car when an on-coming truck appears on the motorway but it stops. Mick successfully takes Keegan to hospital, recovering from his injuries. When Keegan has recovered, Mick tells him that Shakil is dead. Keanu stays by his side. Carmel Kazemi finds out her son Shakil has died, breaking down in tears next to him on his death bed.

Bruno has been arrested by the police, bringing him to justice while resisting arrest as Sophia tries to stop her son Bruno from being arrested as Carmel and Keegan watches on from a long distance.

Carmel has a conversation with Bruno about killing her son. Bruno claims that he is sorry, but Carmel is unable to forgive him as she walks out of the prison. Bruno's mother Sophia says that he's done such a good thing and starts telling him that she can be proud of him again. However, in a plot twist. Bruno gives her mother a "devilish smirk" on his face knowing that he's been fake crying all along. As he leaves, Sophia is speechless and is shown devastated by her son's true expression to the awful thing he did.


  • The storyline where Bruno killed Shakil was based on real-life knife crime incidents that have happened around the UK.