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Bruno Tattaglia is a fictional character and a minor but key antagonist ​​​​​​in Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather.

In the novel, he is the son of Don Philip Tattaglia and a Tattaglia caporegime. He has a business relationship with Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo. They ordered and assisted a hit on Vito Corleone. In Francis Ford Coppola's film adaptation, he was portrayed by Tony Giorgio.


Killing Luca Brasi

Bruno helps business partner Virgil Sollozzo with striking the first blow in the war with the Corleone Family by helping to murder Luca Brasi. Luca had met with Bruno several months prior in an attempt to infiltrate the rival faction to find out more about Sollozzo's plans.

Partnership with Sollozzo and Death

Bruno later provided assistance to Sollozzo via police captain Mark McCluskey, who became Sollozzo's most trusted bodyguard and assisted a hit on Vito Corleone and tried to finish him off. His attempt failed and Sonny Corleone ordered Salvatore Tessio to kill Bruno. According to Tessio, the hit took place at 4'o clock in the morning at Bruno's own nightclub.


Bruno's death is one of the factors that leads to the events of the Five Famillies War. His death was avenged three years after the fact with the death of Sonny Corleone on the Jones Beach Causeway.

Role In The Video Game

Bruno plays a role in the The Godfather: The Game starting with Luca's death. Later on, Bruno has his men abduct Frankie Malone, and has them bring her to a church in Brooklyn where Bruno murders her and incurs the wrath of her boyfriend Aldo Trapani. At this time, Bruno has recently become the family underboss after the murder of his brother Johnny.

To lure Bruno out, Trapani and Sonny Corleone kill a Tattaglia Capo who is cremated at the family funeral parlour, Tito Morelli's.

Bruno, who arrives at the funeral with his loyal bodyguard Massimo and other loyal soldiers, prepares for an attack, and engages Trapani in a shootout. Trapani is victorious, wounding Tattaglia, who continues to taunt him until he is eventually flung into the cremation oven burning him alive. Bruno's demise strucks a blow to the Tattaglia family, who later retaliate by shooting Sonny Corleone at the Jones Beach Causeway.

Bruno later makes a small cameo appearance at the start of the second game, shown wielding a Tommy gun along with a Tattaglia thug while Dominic recaps the events from the first game (which would imply Bruno was active in Tattaglia attacks on Corleone businesses). Later, it is revealed that one made man Dominic kills once worked for Bruno before his death.


As the youngest of the Tattaglias, Bruno was eager to make his mark in the world, often overshadowed by his elder brother John. He was cunning and resourceful, but also had a sadistic side, and admitted enjoying the killing of Frankie Malone and his involvement in killing Luca Brasi also helps to show off his more darker personality. Bruno was however intelligent for he had studied at Fordham University in his youth, and knew that his family needed to get involved in more nefarious businesses like drugs in order to stay powerful. For this reason, Bruno considered men like his father to be things of the past, and was in that sense desperately seeking for a way to modernise his family.


  • Bruno's death happens much later in the game than it does in the movie and novel. He originally died after the attempted hit at the hospital, but was in the game wasn't killed until much later and died after Sollozzo and McCluskey had both been killed.
  • He owned a nightclub in New York which served as one of the Tattaglia Family's strongholds. Ironically, Bruno himself was later killed there by Tessio's men


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