I have uprooted mountains, Toa. I have ridden the tornado and filled the earthquake with fear. When you were still toiling at your mundane Matoran chores, I and others like me were holding your universe together. Do you really believe your puny powers can threaten a member of the Order of Mata Nui?
~ Brutaka to Hewkii.

Brutaka is one of the characters that appeared in the BIONICLE series. He is also the member of the Order of Mata Nui, though he betrayed the organization after he lost his faith in Mata Nui's will, but eventually regained his sense of justice after his journey in Mahri Nui.

Brutaka also serves as the supporting antagonist in the 2006 storyline, later as the supporting antagonist-turned-protagonist in the 2007 storyline and later as one of the supporting protagonists in the 2008 storyline. He also served as the main protagonist in the serial story; Federation of Fear.

Brutaka was voiced by Trevor Devall, who also voiced as Pohatu in the animated series.


Before the start of the main story, Brutaka was employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta as the commander of the army. Then, he remained as the commander throughout the times until one day, he lost interest in his job as he believes that the job here worthed nothing to his interest. Soon afterward, he defected from the Brotherhood of Makuta and began wandering across the islands.

It won't last long when Brutaka's activities attracted the attention of the Order of Mata Nui. Then, two members: Botar and Hydraxon confronted him and offer him the position of the rank. Seeing this as the chance, Brutaka eventually accepted the offer and was teleported on the island of Daxia.

Once there, Brutaka was given.


In the beginning, Brutaka was used to be faithful, trustworthy, authoritative, and devoted to the Great Spirit Mata Nui. However, he quickly loses his faith towards the Great Spirit as at this point, he even betrayed the rest of the Order of Mata Nui. Brutaka also became very ruthless, aggressive, battle-hungry, and belligerent, as he had no qualms of concerning about others' lives. He also displayed his arrogance when fighting against his opponents and underestimated their abilities.

However, he changed his views when he knew about Mata Nui's mission.



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