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Brute is a boss in the video game Skylanders: Giants. He is a Jawbreaker and the bodyguard of Kaos, appearing in the level Kaos' Kastle.


Brute appears at the end of the level when the player reached the battle arena ballroom, being sent by Kaos to defeat the Skylander. He deploys multiple enemies to fight the player, as well as dropping away segments of the floor (along with the player or any enemies that happen to be standing there). After the player defeats every enemy, Brute jumps down into the arena to attack the player. However, he is beaten up by the player and left in a crumpled heap, commenting afterwards that he just wanted Kaos to take him fishing.

Boss fight

During the fight, Brute will advance on the player and hit them until they die. He will also use a mega punch to hit the player. This, while his special attack, is also his weakness. If he successfully hits the player with the mega punch, he will stop and laugh at them, allowing the player a window of opportunity to hit him. If Brute misses with the mega punch, he will fall over and be unable to defend himself for a few seconds. It is also possible to hit him by getting behind him, (it is impossible to hit him in the face, as he keeps his fists up to protect himself), however this is more difficult as he is usually facing the player to prevent them from doing this.


  • He is the third boss in Skylanders: Giants, the first two being the Goliath Drow Brock and the Chompy Mage.
  • His voice is similar to Brock's.


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