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Brutes are clones of Oleg Kirrlov, who was cloned while he was being held prisoner by The Syndicate, While Oleg himself is quite intelligent, the clones did not inherit that trait, Brutes are first encountered during the storyline outside Planet Saints in "Steelport Here I Am". They appear as enemies in Saints Row: The Third.

List of Brutes

All male brutes have the same basic uniform: the tank top, cargo pants, and combat boots, There are several types of brutes. They differ in their weapons, appearance and speech lines.

  • Normal Brute - This brute wears a tattered white tank top, and can pick up discarded brute weapons, even if The Protagonist has used all of the ammunition. One of these brutes is in a assasination list.
  • Mini-gun Brute - Has heavy armor and carries a Mini-Gun.
  • Flamethrower Brute - Wears a welding mask and metal shoulder pads, and carries an Incinerator.
  • Female Brute - Appears in a jail cell during the mission "Pimps Up, Hos Down".
  • Zombie Brutes - Zombie Brute are zombies encountered in the mission "Zombie Attack".
  • Space Brutina - She wears space alien attire and her skin is painted blue.
  • Johnny Tag - A Brute clone of Johnny Gat, created by Jimmy Torbitson.
  • Aisha Brutella - A Brute clone of Johnny's girlfriend Aisha, created by Jimmy Torbitson.
  • Hunters - Hunters are varies type of Brutes that appear in Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax and Genkibowl VII.

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