Bruticus Maximus is a minor antagonist in the Transformers franchise, notably Transformers: Energon. He is composed of the five members of the Destruction Team:

He was voiced by Trevor Devall, who also portrayed Scourge in the sequel series Transformers: Cybertron, as well as Pyro in X-Men: Evolution and Emperor Palpatine in LEGO Star Wars.

Transformers: Energon

Bruticus Maximus appeared in the last quarter of the series' run, being introduced in the episode "Ambition". He was one of three giant robots held in suspended animation to guard the Super Energon pool, who were revived after Megatron killed the active guardian, Dauntless Maximus. After Megatron entered the energon pool and transformed himself into Galvatron, both Bruticus Maximus and Constructicon Maximus were impressed by his power and pledged their loyalty to him and the Decepticons. The third member of the guard party, Superion Maximus, was horrified that they had discarded their ancient trust so readily and refused to join them. Bruticus and Constructicon pursued him but he managed to take refuge with the Autobots.

Bruticus Maximus continued to serve Galvatron through the rest of the series. In the show's penultimate episode, "Spark", Bruticus and Constructicon Maximus finally had their last showdown with Superion. Superion Maximus killed Constructicon Maximus, but Bruticus Maximus gained the upper hand, crushing Superion's limbs, and came close to killing him, only to be distracted by the spirit of Dauntless Maximus. Superion Maximus rallied, linked with Constructicon Maximus' old limbs, and killed Bruticus Maximus.


  • The character is obviously based on the G1 Decepticon Bruticus.


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