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Yeah, right. You're about as ferocious as a flea! Like this one! There's another! And another!
~ Brutus taunting Twyla.

Brutus is the secondary antagonist in the 2006 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. He is a monkey who served as Duchess Rowena's sidekick and is a rival of Twyla, Princess Genevieve's pet kitten.

He is voiced by Peter Kelamis, who also voiced Randall Boggs in Disney Infinity, Pimm in Barbie in the Nutcracker, Otto in Barbie as Rapunzel, and Seymour Crider in Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar.


Brutus arrived in the kingdom with his mistress, Rowena, and Desmond where having into meets with King Randolph and his 12 daughters. He is intense loyal to Rowena as he does what had through with result is misbehaviors from got harassing Twyla which so yet would using tricking her. However, Brutus is scared by Fallon, who trying to holding him. Due to Rowena refused to makes her touching Brutus, who was unusual. He is not very wise as then only being naughty with troublesome towards for Twyla had keeps doing singular matters. Touched Twyla's body secretly, Brutus would taunted her until then his runaway.

Before launch a coup to taking over the kingdom, Rowena offering a cup of tea to her cousin, which serves him from drinks by the way. Though that for shall slight, Brutus watching Genevieve and all the princesses dancing through their celebration to triplets's birthday, sensing his how that possibly count as Rowena's specially spy. Randolph's sudden illness was because of Rowena tried to harm him, so his daughters had to go to his bedroom to take care of him. He managed that went to the princesses bedroom which hopes stolen the books as he tries to opening trunk then searching ballet shoes, Twyla coming to against him.

She knew that he had stolen jewelry and shoes without any permission, and that was how it would make him useless. Brutus was about to hand over the shoes to his mistress, they thought that Genevieve and all the princesses were in the bedroom, singing to their father. On the morning in next, upon the bedroom, Brutus finds the princesses shoes as his mistress was appears. They are wake Genevieve and her sisters up even forced them to cleaning up. Since the princesses came to the magic world from the bedroom, Brutus, Desmond, and Rowena were really disappointed to see that they were no longer there. He was playing tricks on Desmond and was almost slapped.

When the shoemaker, Prince Derek went to the bedroom with his parrot pet, Felix. Apart from Felix, he jumped on the enchanted stone and was transferred to the magical world, sharing a glorious dancing with Genevieve and all the princesses. For then reason, Brutus and Rowena are appeared in the wizarding world together. He fell after pulled out the golden pollen, and Rowena took out her smaller telescope to illuminate the prince and princesses. After stealing a few flowers, they returned to the castle, which have Desmond break all the stones, leading to the disappearance of a boat and gateway as Derek and the princesses are trapped in the magical kingdom.

Leaving from magical realm with then on, Genevieve, Derek, and all the princesses were dancing warranting returned to the kingdom, and saved the king from dangerous Rowena. Rowena tries to poison Randolph with becomes queen that ruling the kingdom, Brutus kidnaps Felix and which tortures him, he also flees on as his tail is gets trapping by mousetrap who used by Twyla. Genevieve enters the castle to fights with Rowena, and saved the king. Rowena begins causing plagued because she defeated by Genevieve into makes her dancing with Desmond. Upon falls out, Brutus leaves the kingdom with his mistress and Desmond.



  • Desmond
  • Mr. Fabian (briefly)
  • Duchess Rowena


  • Princess Genevieve
  • Prince Derek
  • King Randolph
  • Twyla
  • Felix
  • Princess Ashlyn
  • Princess Blair
  • Princess Courtney
  • Princess Delia
  • Princess Edeline
  • Princess Fallon
  • Princess Hadley
  • Princess Isla
  • Princess Janessa
  • Princess Kathleen
  • Princess Lacey
  • Mr. Fabian


  • He share his name with Brutus from Barbie and The Three Musketeers.


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