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Donovan, I can see a squirrel
~ Bryce sees a squirrel

Bryce Tankthrust is a recurring character in Brandon Rogers's videos. She first appears in The CEO where she is portrayed as the CEO of a Major Company. There, she's depicted as being an abusive and abrasive woman who cares little for her employees and does whatever she can to retain her wealth just for her own sake.

Bryce appears once more in Stuff & Sam where she serves as the overall main antagonist of the series and is portrayed in a more villainous and malevolent light.

She later returns in Blame the Hero as an anti-hero.

She is portrayed by Brandon Rogers himself.

Regular Appearances


Bryce Tankthrust first appears in The CEO where she's the head of a major company. She brags about her wealth and flashes it wherever and whenever she can. The video is shot int he style of an interview and she talks about how she didn't become CEO just by being nice and got both her heart and ovaries removed over the summer. She reveals how most of the employees of her compant aren't actual registered employees and she lets them work to save time and money on pay. Bryce is also revealed to be a mother, but spends little time with her son and has someone scheduel a hug with him because of how busy she is, or how little and work obsessed she is. 

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