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Jakob Otto (also known as Buba) is the main antagonist of the first season of the German Netflix show How to sell Drugs online (fast). He is a ruthless drug dealer and owner of the local horse-stables. He is portrayed by Bjarne Mädel.


He first appears, when Moritz Zimmermann visits him in his store and asks for MDMA. He mocks Moritz for being a nerd and "obviously never having fun in his entire life", but Moritz manages to persuade him, by telling Buba about his Ex-Girlfriend, and how he wants to get her back. Enraged by the fact, that Moritz hasn't got enough money, he throws him out, only to be caught on camera and blackmailed by Moritz, who takes pictures of him holding a bag of MDMA pills. After Moritz and Lenny open their Store, he visits them and threatens to kill Lenny, if they don't pay him back his money. Moritz shows him, that they're making much money, so he gives them 2000€ and wants them to make 10000€ out of it, he leaves them and tells Moritz' sister not to let herself be supressed by these suckers.After Daniel Riffert tells the police, that he's the Dealer, who sold him drugs, he gets arrested . After Moritz deletes the evidence of his computer, he is set free and chases down Lenny, in order to kidnap him, so he could've something to threaten Moritz. In his lair, he kills a hedgehog and tells the tied up Lenny something about vegetarians. Daniel and Moritz come to rescue Lenny, but Buba catches them and forces them to run in circles in his stables. Buba starts talking about useful and useless animals, and that he only needs one of the three alive, in order to become rich. He then takes out an iron rod and wants to bash in Lennys head, but Daniel admits, that he sold him to the police. Enraged and suprised, he prepares to kill Daniel with the iron rod, but Lenny takes out a fake looking gun and threatens to kill him. Believing it's just a toy, he disarms Lenny, aims the gun at his head and pulls the trigger, killing himself by accident, while talking about how it's no fun with them.


He's shown to be very ruthless, for example when he mercilessly kills a baby hedgehog, who ran into his trap or while trying to kill Daniel

He obviously doesn't know much about modern day technology, which is shown when Moritz makes him believe a simple timer would send the pictures to all his Facebook friends.

He's also a bit comedic, for example when he complains about Lenny's disrespectful behavior and stupidity, ironically just moments before he shoots himself.

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