I'll take a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe on a raft, four by four, animal-style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.
~ Bubble Bass making a notorious order in "Pickles".

Bubble Bass is a minor antagonist in SpongeBob SquarePants. He is an overweight sea bass who occasionally antagonizes SpongeBob and his friends.

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Bubble Bass first appeared in the episode "Pickles" as the main antagonist. Being a old rival of SpongeBob, Bubble Bass hears that SpongeBob is making a living by cooking Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab. He decides to test Spongebob's fry cook skills by trying one of his Krabby Patties and making the order very complicated. Although Spongebob got the order, Bubble Bass complains that there were no pickles in the order and mocks SpongeBob for it. He then forces Mr. Krabs to pay him back 2 dollars (per guarantee policy as stated). This event caused SpongeBob to lose faith in making Krabby Patties in the right order, so Mr. Krabs helps him out of regaining his faith in order to keep the Krusty Krab in business.

After a couple of days, SpongeBob returns to the Krusty Krab where he cooks another Krabby Patty for an arriving Bubble Bass, proclaiming that he didn't forget the pickles. However, while eating the patty, Bubble Bass points out that there are still no pickles and mocks SpongeBob for his failure again. However, an angry SpongeBob soon found out that Bubble Bass was actually hiding the pickles under his tongue the whole time (including the ones from the last patty that he ate) and proved this to everyone, making them realize two things: that SpongeBob had gone through his self-doubt over absolutely nothing, and that Bubble Bass was trying to avoid paying for the patties the whole time (and had also apparently stolen the car keys of one of the female customers, which he also had hidden under his tongue). As a result, with his lies exposed, the angry customers surround Bubble Bass, who cowardly runs away to avoid punishment.

Bubble Bass made a cameo appearance in "F.U.N.," being in the same theater as SpongeBob. At first, he unknowingly sits on Plankton, then squashes him deliberately after SpongeBob asks hm to get up, forcing SpongeBob to lure him away by throwing some popcorn. At the very end of the episode, Plankton lands on Bubble Bass' hand and is subsequently chased by his other hand, being mistaken for a jelly bean.

After years of absence, Bubble Bass reappears in the episode "Plankton's Good Eye", where he jumps out of a burning house for Plankton to save him, but instead ends up crushing him by accident. By this point, he appears to be kinder and friendlier, at least to certain people.

He also made a cameo appearance in the 2015 film sequel The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.

Bubble Bass's next antagonistic role is in the episode "Moving Bubble Bass," where he is forced to move out of his mother's basement and tricks SpongeBob and Patrick into moving all his junk out for him by promising them a free lunch.  However, once the two friends reach Bubble Bass's new house, he reveals that he already ate the lunch that he'd promised to SpongeBob and Patrick, very much enjoying their dejection.  However, Bubble Bass receives proper comeuppance for his misdeeds this time around; while unpacking his junk, he discovers that SpongeBob and Patrick had accidentally packed his mother into one of the boxes.  As the boxes had been jostled around quite a bit under SpongeBob and Patrick's care, Bubble Bass's mother thinks he was the one who stuffed her into the box on purpose, so she stuffs him into a box and runs all over town, deliberately ramming the box into as many objects as possible.



Bubble Bass' appearance from Season 8, onwards.

Bubble Bass is a big fat green fish with thick black glasses, an orange tank top, and a darker orange pair of sweatpants. He has short patchy black strands of hair on his head and a beard of stubble on his double chin. His most prominent physical features are his gigantic fat belly, which is so big that his shirt can't fit over it and his ginormous, shapely manboobs, which have visible outlines on his shirt. He also has a bunch of brown curly hair around his belly button area. He has big green lips and eyes that are small and far apart, which only look smaller and closer together because of his glasses. He talks in a deep, yet nasally voice, which bellows to match his massive frame but is also given a touch snarkiness and nerdiness to accentuate the judgemental and condescending things he says.

In an instance of early installment weirdness, the season one episode, "Fools in April", featured Bubble Bass, depicted as being mauve-colored and having a white tank top and blue sweatpants.


Bubble Bass is a fat, nerdy, disrespectful, food critic, who is prone to being very rude to selfish around everyone he crosses paths with, especially those who work in the food industry, especially those who are serving him. Every time he goes into the Krusty Krab, he places a ridiculously tall order and demands tons of specifics, that he is very particular about being perfectly in place. When receiving his order, Bubble Bass usually gets extremely mad and complains about something very minor and trivial being wrong as goes as far as to throw his food on the ground, deem it "garbage", and directly insult the chef just because of one insignificant problem.

Bubble Bass is loud, bossy, and very immature, but he is still taken seriously by the employees at the Krusty Krab (or at least two of them) because of the unfortunate fact that his negative reviews on their food have a massive impact on public opinion. That being said, when he walks into the Krusty Krab, he is very carefully catered to by Spongebob and Mr. Krabs, as they fear him ruining their reputation by giving him mediocre service.

Bubble Bass spends a lot of time at Near Mint Comic Books, reading comics and playing nerdy board games.

When he isn't acting like a jerk at restaurants or being a geek at comic book shops, Bubble Bass is often very lazy and unmotivated, still living in his mom's basement and spending most of his time watching TV and eating sea potato chips, doing absolutely nothing productive with his life, (as seen in "Moving Bubble Bass"). Despite constant nagging from his mother, Bubble Bass still refuses to get a job or a life and continues to dwell in the basement and continue being a worthless waste of space.

With his restaurant reputation in mind, and of course, his overwhelmingly fat body, it's no surprise to hear that Bubble Bass is insanely gluttonous, devouring large loads of unhealthy junk food on a daily basis. His order in "Pickles", was for a double triple bossy, which means 6 patties. However, he also said he wanted it to be "4x4", which multiplies that to a whopping 24: an unreasonable order for any of even the fattest of gluttons.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Pickles", Bubble Bass challenges Spongebob to make him a perfect Krabby Patty in what is already an unreasonably tall order. When Spongebob gets the job done, Bubble Bass hides the pickles under his tongue and lies, saying that Spongebob forgot them, sullying Spongebob's good title and making him leave his job. Bubble Bass later returns to place the same order with Spongebob and attempts to pull off the same trick. Spongebob spots the pickles hidden under his tongue, as Bubble Bass laughs at his failure and exposes this to the world. Upon this revelation, it's additionally found that Bubble Bass stole a woman's car keys as well.
  • In "F.U.N.", Bubble Bass sits on and crushes Plankton. When asked politely by Spongebob to move, Bubble Bass intentionally squashes Plankton under his butt even more. Later in the episode, Bubble Bass attempts to eat Plankton like a jellybean.
  • In "Krabby Patty Creature Feature", Bubble Bass, while zombified by the armada of patty zombies, attacks and attempts to devour Spongebob.
  • In "Moving Bubble Bass", Bubble Bass hires Spongebob and Patrick to help him move with the promise of giving them food as a reward. Bubble Bass fakes an injury to get out of doing any of the work, forcing SpongeBob and Patrick to do everything. When his unwitting lackeys finally make it to his new home, Bubble Bass tells them that due to them taking so long to get there, he ate their food and will refuse to give them their previously promised reward.
  • In "The String", Bubble Bass torments a bunch of sea monkeys at the zoo, by taunting them with a Krabby Patty, which he refuses to feed them. Spongebob later comes by and pulls the strings off of the exhibit down, allowing the angered sea monkeys to attack Bubble Bass.



  • It's possible that the scene in "Pickles" in which Bubble Bass gives his order to Squidward inspired Big Smoke's iconic big order line from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Interestingly, both Bubble Bass and Big Smoke have similar characteristics; they are both fat, wear glasses, and are somewhat gluttonous.


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