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The Bubblegum Gang are a street gang who are hungry for bubblegum and minor antagonsists in the Hostel horror film series.


They are first seen demanding Paxton and Josh bubblegums. They attack Josh when the Businessman saves him. Josh buys the Businessman a drink and apologizes for his reaction back on the train.

The gang are seen again when Paxton and Kana flee in a car. While driving, Paxton spots Natalya, Svetlana, and Alexi. He runs them over, killing them. Paxton gives the Bubblegum Gang a bag containing bubble gum to let him pass and they later kill the two guards chasing them.

Hostel: Part II

They are shown first Beth runs smack into them, while running away from Elite Hunting agents. With Axelle and Beth away, Sasha confronts the children. Angry that they attacked Beth, Sasha draws out his gun and has one of the children, a boy, brought forward before him. He then kills the boy, and the rest of the gang flees.

In the closing sequence, Axelle is lured from the festival into the woods by the Bubblegum Gang, who stole her purse. The revenge-seeking Beth surprises and beheads her for leading her friends to their deaths. The Bubblegum Gang then play soccer with Axelle's head.

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