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My name is Buck and I'm here to fuck.
~ Buck

Buck is a minor antagonist from Kill Bill.

He was portrayed by Michael Bowen, who also played Jack Welker from Breaking Bad.


Buck was a male nurse who sexually used Beatrix's body while in coma, as well as "selling" her "services" to male clients. He recommended her to an unnamed truck driver shortly after she awoke from the coma. He left them alone for five minutes, during which time Beatrix killed him. After returning, Beatrix subdued Buck and interrogated him on Bill's whereabouts, as apparently she had remembered him being there at some point during her coma. Buck, not knowing who Bill was, was unable to answer her, and at that point Beatrix remembered him saying that he was only there to mate with the women. Enraged, Beatrix killed him by slamming a door into his head.

Searching his pockets, she pulled out the keys to a truck of his called the "Pussy Wagon".


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