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The Bucket Knight is a one-shot villain who appears in the Adventure Time episode "Dungeon".

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


The Bucket seems to enjoy the thrill of fighting his enemies. He also has a sense of honor and humility, when Finn mocks him for his small size and refuses to fight him.


He is one of the monster within the Dungeon that contains the Crystal Eye, when Finn goes into the Dungeon to find it he encounters many monsters like the Demon Cat. He then encounters the Bucket Knight who claims that nobody can defeat him even though he is very small. When Finn brushes him off the Bucket Knight pours water on himself activating his power to grow exponentially until he is the size of a giant. Due to Finn not having any magic powers the Bucket Knight fights Finn until his body his covered with scars and bruises. He then punches Finn through a door and isn't seen through the remainder of the episode.


  • The Bucket Knight's powers may be based on a "Water and Grow" toy.
  • The Bucket Knight shares a resemblance to the Imperial Drone from the web-comic 'Homestuck'.
  • Out of all the monster in the dungeon the Bucket is the one who cause Finn the most pain.
  • The Bucket knight then appears as the weakest enemy in the Adventure Time game "Sound Castle."


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