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~ Buckey's catchphrase.

Buckey is a supporting antagonist in Season 15 of Red vs. Blue. He is a member of the Blues and Reds, a faction of Simulation Troopers very similar to the Reds and Blues.

He was voiced by Dallas Reid.



Not much is known about Buckey's past except that he was stationed at Desert Gulch with the other Blues and Reds, all of whom were very carefree like the original Reds and Blues. However, that changed when Freelancer agents Tex and Carolina were placed in Desert Gulch for a training exercise. Their bitter rivalry cost the life of Biff, one of the Reds and Mark Temple's best friend. When Temple began his crusade of vengeance against Project Freelancer and UNSC, Buckey cooperated with their terrorist attacks.

Terrorist Attacks

For 10 months Buckey committed terrorist attacks with the Blues & Reds, framing the Reds and Blues for their actions. While on a mission in Sidewinder, Buckey was mistaken for Tucker by Spencer, who fired back but was forced to retreat with the others.

When the Reds and Blues officially met their counterparts, Buckey and Tucker seemed to hit it off. However, once their teams' true colors were revealed, Buckey became more hostile, particularly towards Tucker, whose sword he stole after they were imprisoned. Buckey taunts Tucker with perverted jokes about his mom, saying there was more than one use for Tucker's sword.

During the Reds and Blues' raid on the facility, Buckey taunts Tucker while shooting at him. When he runs out of ammo, he tries unsuccessfully to use the sword, giving Tucker a chance to knock him out and take his sword back. Buckey is last seen in a UNSC prison alongside Temple and Cronut.


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